On Shavuos we remember the giving of the Law, the Holy Torah by G-D to us the Jewish people, on Har Sinai, Mount Sinai, in the desert.

On Pesach night, when we Jews from Mitzrayim fled,

The dough we carried on our backs was still un-cooked bread,

We cooked and ate it right by the roadside,

As from slavery, G-D compassionately led us alive.

Following G-D through the sea and the desert sand,

From ancient Egypt, with faith just so grand,

Reaching Har Sinai, lowly mountain, not high,

Where we received a gift ever so fine.

At first, we didn’t have any clue,

That to us the gift of Torah was due,

That to us the supreme Torah would be given,

When in such pain for so long we had been driven.

We prepared ourselves, for with G-D to be meeting,

We washed and separated women from men, as it was fitting,

We avoided as warned, the whole mountain border,

As commanded by G-D, and is written in Torah.

Having accepted the Torah, saying “We will do and we will hear”,

Even before hearing all G-D’s words so dear,

That unconditionally we accepted the whole Holy Torah,

Without consulting on the matter before.

Smoke, cloud, lightning, thunder, fire, the shofar sounded, (Heb: shofer, the ram’s horn, but this time it was a miraculous shofer sound)

The earth quaked, again in awe we were astounded,

Understanding, as G-D’s Holy words we heard and saw, (We “heard” and "saw" G-D’s words, just wonderful!)

That for us, it was more than we could safely endure.

From within us, our souls quickly departed,

As we listened and saw G-D’s first words that He imparted,

Our souls returned and we accepted His Power, (We accepted the Torah, saying “We will do and we will hear” showing that even before we understood G-D’s words that we unconditionally accepted them)

That from that time on we would, ever so greatly admire.

In fright, we asked Moshe, please, that he would,

Speak mouth to mouth to G-D, as we could not that do,

The whole Torah, G-D did impart mouth to mouth,

To our teacher Moshe Rabbenu, who learned it by heart.

Hashem in a fiery flame, to Him Moshe ascended,

And related Hashem’s words to us, so he enabled,

The whole of Israel, 600,000 (six hundred thousand) souls,

To accept the laws of Torah’s most Holy words.

With faith and great intellect, we all understood,

That our Maker Hashem and His Torah are all good,

Who from the beginnings of our entire Nation,

With Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had great satisfaction.

The revelation by G-D at Sinai to us,

We remember on Shavuos as the Torah tells us,

The sweetness of Torah dripping from our lips and our mouths, (Song of Songs 4:11)

Is compared to milk and honey under our tongues.

Aseres hadibros, the Ten Commandments,

From G-D at Sinai, He gave us His presents,

Moshe ascended Har Sinai, to G-D in a cloud,

Remained forty days and forty nights, having all Torah knowledge acquired.

( Moshe acquired all the knowledge of the Torah including the Ten Commandments from G-D on Har Sinai.)

The laws of the Torah are many and wise,

Keeping them faithfully is truly well advised, (we do not now follow certain laws because the Holy Temple has not yet been rebuilt, and we do not have a Sanhedrin, the great court of Jewish law at present.)

Our obligation to follow Torah is commanded, (By G-D in the Torah)

In the merit of following them, our reward is defended. (When we are judged.)

Each mitzvah (mitzvah: commandment) is precious more than anything else,

One who is stubborn will have no defense,

When at times’ end we give an account,

To justify our dealings, through our mortal life.

G-D’s laws are not simply what we feel is good in our eyes,

As often wayward things do us tantalize, (some things, even “small things” we do not even comprehend that they are wayward, and we have no idea unless we study the Torah)

Making us think that they are all right,

When they’re in reality a great evil blight.

So following the Torah, it’s the essential thing,

We dedicate to Torah laws, for the goodness they bring, (we do not now follow certain laws because the Holy Temple has not yet been rebuilt, and we do not at present have a Sanhedrin, the great court of Jewish law)

The sons of Noah to follow the Seven Laws of Noah. ( The Seven Noahide Laws were repeated by G-D at Har Sinai but they are NOT the Ten Commandments.)

And Jewish people follow only the Holy Torah.

Shavuos refers to the seven weeks that we count,

From Pesach to Shavuos, we count them each night,

G-D’s special commandment for each Jewish person,

To elevate and refine our souls, it being the whole purpose.

On Shavuos, the first fruits of our field that we marked,

We brought to the Jewish Holy Temple in a decorated basket,

As commanded by G-D in thanksgiving to Him,

For the Land (the Land of Israel) He gave us and every good thing.

On Shavuos we study all parts of the Torah,

Even more intensely than ever before,

The Book of Ruth we also read,

In memory that from Pesach to Shavuos, Ruth and Boaz did meet. (Ruth was a convert to Judaism)

Their descendants, in time, Moshiah produce,

As Yehuda is the tribe from which Boaz has his roots,

We wait patiently for that day so immense,

We remember on Shavuos, Moshiah’s royal line blessed.

The yahrzeit of King David is on Shavuos, (yahrzeit: anniversary of the passing from this world)

King David was the great grandson of Ruth and Boaz,

Of King David’s royal lineage we do well know,

Moshiah from his royal line will sit on his Regal Jewish throne.(By decree of G-D.)

The Ten Commandments are the first of the 613 Commandments in the Torah.

The Ten Commandments ARE NOT the Seven Noahide Laws for non-Jewish people.

The non-Jewish people must follow the Seven Noachide Laws as given by G-D to them.

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This is a summary of the Ten Commandments:

1) I am Hashem your G-D, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.

2) You shall have no other gods before Me.

3) You shall not take the name of the Hashem your G-D in vain.

4) Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.

5) Honor your father and your mother.

6) You will not murder.

7) You will not commit adultery.

8) You will not steal.

9) You will not bear false witness against your neighbor.

10) You will not covet your neighbor’s wife or anything that belongs to your neighbor.