Seven Universal Noahide Laws for non-Jewish people.

The following are the Seven Universal Noahide Laws for non-Jewish people, six of which were given by G-D to Adam and seven of which were later given to Noah and his sons by the addition of one extra law:

Belief in G-D Creator of all, indivisible, incorporeal, omnipotent, omniscient and no other is required.

Blasphemy is forbidden.

Murder and euthanasia by any name is forbidden. Abortion till the fortieth (40) day from conception is allowed for any reason, but not later, unless the pregnant woman’s life is in danger, so then abortion is allowed at any time at all before the head of the foetus is outside the birth canal.

Homosexuality, incest, adultery and bestiality are forbidden.

Stealing is forbidden.

Courts of law to run according to the Seven Noahide Laws is a requirement and “vigilante justice” is not allowed.

Cruelty to animals and eating the limb taken from a live animal is forbidden.​


If you are not Jewish, then the best way to be spiritual is to follow the Seven Noahide Laws for righteous gentile people as stated above on this page.

Also, you can pray to G-D directly.

Just be in a clean place and with washed hands, and say your prayer, according to your own judgment, thank G-D for His kindness to you and ask Him for help and guidance.

Also, you must not use any name for him from any established religion, as they are not G-D.

Also, do not use the names of G-D that are pronounced by most people as it is forbidden to pronounce them.

Just say: "G-D, please help me with...." The prayer should be said so that no one else would hear it if they were standing next to you, but move your lips as you say the prayer very very quietly, almost silently.

Be a righteous non-Jew if you are not Jewish, read how...


Sons and daughters of righteous Noah,

Should be building the world with lawful order,

Confirm now your Heavenly covenant,

And make strides, in it to be observant.

In the beginning of G-D’s Creation,

G-D gave to Adam laws for his attention (in the Torah),

Adam was not permitted animal flesh to eat,

And only from Noah, it was deemed fit.

G-D punished the world for sinning,

G-D brought a world flood for the unwilling,

In the ark, Noah, his family and animals were saved,

To re-populate the world that G-D had made.

The Creator wants all the sons of Noah,

To recognize Him without another,

This is written in the Holy Torah, (Bereshit: Genesis)

G-D's rainbow, the sign there'll be no world deluge as before.

Commanded by the One Creator,

To turn mankind away from evil behavior,

These Seven Laws Noah's sons must always keep,

For civil life and to maintain peace.

Remember, be faithful to G-D only,

Turn away from others as they cause acrimony,

Spurn all idols, they have physicality,

And reject all others that claim spirituality.

Remember shed not human blood,

All seven laws are always applied,

All disputes in court are settled,

Abide by ruling, lies are not peddled.

Up to forty (40) days, from conception,

A foetus may be aborted, no exception,

For any reason this can be done,

It is not considered at all, to be a crime

Abortion is permitted, when a pregnant woman must be saved,

But only before the foetus’ head,

Is seen, outside the birth canal,

Otherwise, the abortion is a crime.

Euthanasia, is murder, by any name,

Whether wanted or not, it’s a sin, just the same.

The meaning of “marriage”, we dare not reinvent,

Language, do not modify with devious intent.

Courts by Noahide Laws are made,

Corruption is turned on its head,

Testimony must be all entirely true,

That in our hearts we always knew.

A man and woman who marry are correct,

Two of the same gender must not cohabit or consent,

Also cohabit not with close relatives,

Nor with other married people, as a great crime too it is.

Separate we remain from all animals.

As for both man and woman a vile act it is.

Greatly despised by the Creator of all,

Fall from dignity, penalty is not small.

Never steal as it’s too a crime,

Honestly earning your living and dime,

Stealing is an action unfair,

All must be cautious in this affair.

Raise not the hand or any weapon,

To ever punish any other person,

Judge in courts of law by Noahide Laws,

The state must therefore, correct any flaws.

All nations are to publicize these changes,

To right the wrongs across the ages,

People guided to live in dignity,

Recognising the Creator and His exclusivity.

To animals, mankind must not be cruel,

This law is the Noahide Laws seventh rule,

Feeling concern for the Creator’s creatures,

Is surely a great Seven Noahide Laws feature.

Eat not the limb of a live animal,

After slaughter it must be cut, when it’s not moving at all,

As animal life in their blood does exist,

Noah's sons must therefore avoid eating this “live” animal meat.

Castration for humans and animals is forbidden in both female and male,

But for medical reasons it is permissible,

Also other changes to the reproductive capacity of a male,

Is not allowed, whether physical or chemical.

Do not blaspheme G-D’s great Name,

Do not bring to earth one’s shame,

G-D created the whole universe,

That is why we all may not curse.

True final redemption, we should all await,

70 nations and Israel to date,

Patiently awaiting a time for all that is good,

So all Seven Noahide Laws should be world understood (now).