G-D and we are more related,

Than other matters ever stated,

Before the world was made,

Our names in Torah were displayed,

We were specially made and chosen,

Our personality, body and clothing,

Our very likes and dislikes too,

The Holy One in Heaven drew,

Our situation and all things,

All about us, with G-D’s Wisdom sings,

Is life for some a mere diversion?

A varied meandering excursion?

Should life be a matter of just waiting,

Not knowing exactly for what, just hesitating?

Designating each new event as progress,

When it’s really treading water in one place?

When false beliefs restrain the soul,

When mundane or exciting things are the only goal,

The decision for truth starts with us,

To see reality as true, it is a must,

Reality is not at all “virtual”,

Human senses, sight, feeling say it all,

The evidence is hard to miss,

The answer is simply this,

G-D the world, did actually make,

Many don’t know this or make a mistake,

Taking false theories for granted,

Afraid of disapproval, fearing to be “different”,

Their own souls they don’t sustain,

Against truth persist, in empty pain,

Cheating their individual right to truth,

Wanting and not attaining “proof”,

The proof is all around to see,

Why be the last one to agree,

Better now to appreciate,

That real truth does exhilarate,

But only when to G-D it’s tied,

In Torah’s every line, all is clarified,

We won’t be put off, by thinking that,

The mitzvos(commandments) will be just too great,

For us to easily accommodate,

For starting slowly, we can too,

Just like millions of others do,

Easy after one week’s trying,

Much less than effort taken applying,

Oneself to hobbies, courses or other pursuits,

As reward in Shamayim (Heaven), they have no roots,

But mitzvos are tied to the Highest Realms,

On them, the mitzvos, the whole world stands,

The world stands on Torah, avoda (doing the mitzvos which is serving Hashem) and gemillus hasidim (acts of kindness). (Pirkei Avos 1.2)

By us Jews fulfilling the covenant to serve Hashem and avoiding sin,

The world endures on justice, truth and peace. (Pirkei Avos 1.18)

This way G-D’s world continues to exist.

Mitzvos and world are tightly interconnected,

So the law of Eternal G-D, must be respected,

Each Jewish person, to do mitzvos as contribution,

So that the world endures, that is the correct conclusion,

To fulfil our covenant with G-D, Jewish people do, it is clear,

With G-D’s mitzvos He gave to us, G-D we faithfully revere,

For every breath our bodies take,

G-D allows us it for our sake,

For every blink of our eyes,

G-D makes each flutter, we realize,

G-D’s permission is essential,

For all things ever, it's indispensable,

But the most essential of all things,

Are the Jewish mizvos, those Torah precepts that please,

G-D more than one can at all believe,

When performed fully with common sense,

For all our mitzvos are priceless,

Daily with free will, mitzvos we do express,(each according to our gender role)

By G-D, this is our ultimate test,

By G-D all mitzvos are truly blessed,

So Jews following the Holy mitzvos, is beloved by G-D,

Causing life and joy unflawed. L'chaim! To life!