KOSHER FOOD FOR JEWISH PEOPLE, please read to the very last line...

Please consult a true Orthodox Rabbi to explain how the surfaces of ovens, cook tops, kitchen cabinet surfaces and basins should be treated in order to kasher them, right from the beginning of your fully kosher eating experience. You don’t need a new refrigerator.

Also, many utensils can be kashered, to be made kosher, and so do not need to be replaced, therefore first consult with a true Orthodox Rabbi.

In an emergency, buy take away kosher food and eat it on plastic plates and with plastic cutlery on top of a plastic tablecloth.

The following from Deuteronomy, Devarim explains the rationale for "shechita", kosher slaughter of animals for food for Jewish people.

Not only is this method not cruel in the slightest to the animal if correctly performed, but it is also the will of G-D:

Devarim 12:23-25 "However, be strong not to eat the blood, for the blood is the soul; and you shall not eat the soul with the flesh.

You shall not eat it, you shall spill it on the ground, like water.

You shall not eat it, in order that it be good for you, and for your children after you, when you do what is proper in the eyes of the Lord."

The following describes the kosher animals that are permitted to be eaten by Jewish people, when they are prepared the kosher way:

Deuteronomy, Devarim 14:6 "And every animal that has a split hoof and has a hoof cloven into two hoof sections, and chews the cud among the animals that you may eat."

14:7 "But you shall not eat of those that chew the cud, or of those that have the split hooves: the cloven one, the camel, the hyrax, and the hare, for they chew the cud, but do not have split hooves; they are unclean for you."

14:8 "And the pig, because it has a split hoof, but does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you. You shall neither eat of their flesh nor touch their carcass."

14:9 "These you may eat of all that are in the waters; all that have fins and scales, you may eat."

14:10 "But whatever does not have fins and scales, you shall not eat; it is unclean for you."

14:11 "You may eat every clean bird."

14:19 "And every flying insect is unclean for you; they may not be eaten"

From the following in the Holy Torah derives the complete separation of milk and meat foods and their preparation, cooking and serving:

Deuteronomy, Devarim 14:21 "You shall not cook a kid in its mother's milk."


Kosher means to eat food pure, unaffected,

As from animal blood and un-kosher species we must be protected,

And also milk and meat mixtures may not be eaten,

Plus time intervals must also be heeded.( between eating milk and eating meat), (one to six hours depending on custom)

Only kosher animals, Jewish people are permitted to eat,

They are sheep, goats, and cattle, all species that have cloven feet,

They must also be able to chew their cud,

And only bird life permitted by Torah to eat, is also allowed.

In the Torah is written, a warning indeed,

In its mother’s milk do not cook a kid, (kid: baby goat)(Deut, Devarim 14:21)

Gain no benefit from, nor cook nor eat meat with milk,

Neither eat nor cook together, fish and meat.

Milk includes all possible milk products,

Cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, drinks, sweets and cakes,

Or any other milk derived additives,

Including minuscule, milk derived preservatives. (or any other compounds or molecules)

Similarly for meat or chicken, including any sauces,

That have meat or chicken derivatives, even in small portions,

Do not mix them with milk nor its derivatives,

Errors avoid by using kosher hechsher lists.

Eat not the limb of a live animal,

If its blood is not drained it is a scandal,

As animal life in their blood does exist,

We therefore avoid eating this “live” animal meat.

Shechita is used to prepare kosher species of meat,

A special blade is used by a trained shochet,

Blood is drained, and meat is cut, washed, salted, then rinsed as per the Torah,(inTalmud)

The law is for our benefit, so please don’t ignore.

A worthwhile investment in time for us all,

For our souls, it is also spiritual,

A hechsher (kosher certificate) is needed for all kosher food,

Except for fruit and vegetables as they are all good.(if properly inspected and cleaned from all insect infestation, under cold running water, and cut with a kosher knife only, not pre-cut)

Vegetables and fruit must be checked free of bugs, (and washed in clean cold water)

As spiritual damage is caused by them and flies,

Fish must be kosher and clean and must have scales and fins,

Don’t eat fish together with meat, as great trouble it brings.

Between fish and meat we eat (and before, during and after fish) a morsel of bread,

Or something that is parve, neutral, but not water, instead,

Those animals that chew their cud and have cloven hooves,

Are chosen by G-D as fit to consume, it is kosher proof.

After (and before and during) eating fish, to drink water is forbidden, (a danger-sakina),

For kosher poultry and their eggs (of kosher species) a hechsher must always be given, (for poultry and meat, but not eggs, it must be certain that they come from a kosher species of chicken which are all usually kosher)

Dairy foods must also be on a kosher "list",

So too sweets, condiments, drinks ( drinks of all types including fruit juices and alcoholic drinks) and all things that exist. (but not inspected vegetables, and fruit and clean cold water in a parve {neutral: neither meat nor milk} container)

Eggs from kosher poultry must all be examined, (certain quail and their eggs are not kosher)

For traces of blood, in a transparent glass dish, it can be fathomed. (to see from above and from below, if there is any blood, even a speck of blood and if there is, throw the egg out and rinse the dish)

Boiling eggs is done in one pot,

Using a minimum of three eggs in each lot.

Leave not overnight these foods when peeled, (but it is safe for them to be left overnight with their peel on, intact)

As dangerous these are for us all to eat, (these foods are the following)

Eggs, onions or garlic if not mixed with food, (food other than eggs, onions or garlic.)

Has ruach ra’ah, dangerous to eat, so please preclude. (mix with other foods, or just "do not leave them overnight after peeling, but use them the same day")

Also keep cups, plates, pots and all cutlery,

Cook plates, ovens, wash basins and towels separately (milk, meat and fish separate, do not mix them up),(wash hands between handling meat and milk, and before handling food in general)

Not mixing nor cooking together, meat and milk, and also meat and fish, make no mistake, (fish and milk products can be cooked and eaten together)

Will merit a life that is blessed, more perfect.

For Pesach separate sets of kelim (kelim:Heb: utensiles) are used and stored separately,

Also, paper or plastic plates without a starch coating may be used readily,(check a kosher-list)

The kitchen is cleaned, re-kashered, surfaces, sink, stove top, and oven,

As we make sure not to eat any leaven.

Wash separately all milk, meat and parve (neutral) kelim, (utensils)

And use milk, meat or parve towels to dry each of them,

We colour code those that could cause confusion, (eg towels, sponges, tablecloths, pots)

Storing separately in the kitchen, an additional solution. (use all methods, including separate drawers)

Kasher your whole kitchen and kelim, buy some utensils anew, (anew-only when necessary if indicated by a true Orthodox Rabbi),

Take kelim to a mikva or the sea and toivel them through,

Say a bracha (special blessing) before eating and also after, (as well as before toivelling any utensils),

And also thank G-D for making us safer.

A baby animal under its mother must stay,

Until it achieves its eighth day,

On the eighth day it can be shechted for food,

But not on the same day that its mother would.

Take not both away, the chicks and their mother,

As it is cruel to take them together,

Chase away the mother and just take the chicks,

As this is by Torah, correct politics.

The rules to prepare and eat kosher food,

With kindness in mind, were made for all good,

There is no cruelty at all in kosher shechita,

To understand this, the Torah makes clearer.

He Who made mankind and all types of animal,

World, sea, Heavenly realms, all incomparable,

Fish, vegetation and beautiful flowers,

G-D wished all mankind to respect His kind powers.

He Who said to Adam “do not kill”,

In addition, to Noah “eat not the limb of a live animal”,

All that He said is not and cannot be cruel,

G-D with kindness made every rule.