Our Facilities

Havant Academy Facilities

During evenings, weekends and non-term time, use of our facilities are available to let. All of our areas must be treated with respect, if there are any damages, you will be required to reimburse the school. All enquires must go via Community@havant-tkat.org.

This is a picture of our Dance Studio. This image shows a vast room with solid blue flooring, white walls and ceilings and large mirrors on the back wall.

Dance Studio

This is a picture of our Sports Hall. In this image, there is a vast hall with sports markings on the floor, basketball nets on the walls and various fire exits that lead onto the school fields.

Sports Hall

This is a picture of our Tennis Courts. In this image are three tennis courts.

Tennis Courts

This is a picture of our Atrium. In this image is a very light vast room with a clear ceiling, glass wall and lots of tables and chairs.


Our Facilities

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Special Event Bookings

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Community Operating Hours

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