Curriculum Intent

‘A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.’ Marcus Garvey

The study of history develops in students a love of learning, sparking their curiosity about the world around them and how it came to be. So students fully comprehend our modern day world, they need to understand the powerful forces that came together in the past to shape the twenty-first century. This is crucial knowledge we impart to them on their journey of historical learning.

In History at Havant Academy, we aim to build skills of empathy, tolerance and understanding as students explore past cultures, and their connections to our modern world. They will travel far and wide as they discover the past, across continents and oceans to examine the stories of people over two thousand years of history, what they believed, how they acted and events that changed the future of civilisations.

We will endeavour to create passionate students, who delve into past events with a critical eye asking questions and seeking the answers. They will be taught to skilfully investigate evidence, balance judgements, analyse sources and deconstruct the viewpoints of historians. In short, by studying History at Havant Academy, students will be equipped with a wide range of knowledge about the past and the relevant skills to interpret these; crucial lifelong attributes.

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