Curriculum Intent

We aim to provide a curriculum that is built on a combination of healthy competition and high levels of physical activity. Students are given the opportunity to develop their practical, logical and social skills in a broad range of sports such as gymnastics, football, tennis and athletics. Staff are passionate about delivering lessons that encourage students to develop new interests and promote a lifelong desire to participate in sport. We believe that sport and physical education is crucial to empowering a positive mental, social and physical wellbeing.

In Key Stage 3, PE lessons are designed to inspire students to try out a range of sports that require them to be active and engaged in their learning. Whilst all lessons are practical based, students will also learn about how the body works and why exercise is crucial to maintaining/improving overall health and fitness. Students will also learn valuable social skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, discipline and problem solving to allow them to enter Key Stage 4 as well rounded, respectful young adults who are passionate about their education.

In Key Stage 4, students can opt to study VCERT Health and Fitness. This course is mostly theory based with some practical fitness lessons. Students will learn about the structure and functions of the 5 body systems, principles of training, fitness testing, fitness programmes and the impact that lifestyle has on your health and fitness. Students are given regular homework and revision tasks to ensure they feel confident in their abilities and are given consistent verbal and written feedback with valuable opportunities to improve understanding. Aside from studying the VCERT qualification, all students will still have 3 lessons of core PE on their timetable. Students can select pathways depending on their personal interests, with traditional competitive sports available, as well as fitness-based lessons and non-traditional recreational sports also on offer.

In summary, our goal is to educate students about the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle whilst offering high levels of physical activity. We believe physical education is a vehicle for developing greater social skills as well as providing students with the opportunity to participate in competitive and recreational sports to aid discovery of new personal interests. Upon leaving Havant Academy, we believe we provide students with the opportunity to become physically, mentally and socially confident in all aspects of their health and fitness.

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