Curriculum Intent

We believe that Dance can play an important role in creating well rounded individuals, who will learn skills they can apply to their everyday lives. Dance is an art form which combines creativity, imagination with physical activity. We seek to help students apply their creative skills, build confidence in their own abilities and take pride in their own work. Students will develop team building skills as they will be working with different people, learning how to communicate effectively with others.

The Dance curriculum focuses on; performance, choreography and appreciation from KS3 all the way through to KS4. The KS3 curriculum engages students with a broad range of schemes of work that look at different styles of dance, professional works and knowledge of other cultures. KS3 also prepares them for the highly practical KS4 course of RSL Creative and Performing Arts in Dance. This course gives students the chance to develop their own choreography using a stimulus and perform contemporary technique.

Dance at Havant is not just a part of the curriculum, but also an opportunity for students to develop their talents. We provide weekly extra curricular opportunities in dance clubs as well as performances in front of large audiences throughout the year for students to take part in.

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