Curriculum Intent

Drama plays a crucial role in helping to shape and develop each child into reaching their full potential. Drama not only provides a positive and welcoming environment for self expression, but also teaches children key skills that can be transferred and applied to everyday life and future careers. Drama is inclusive and reliant on communication and peer interaction, therefore making our school-wide ethos of working hard, being kind and giving no excuses, applicable to every lesson across both KS3 and KS4. Through a broad and dynamic range of content across the curriculum, Drama helps to develop and boost social skills such as confidence and self-esteem, teamwork and public speaking whilst simultaneously widening knowledge and skill-set in pivotal Dramatic styles, practitioners and techniques, in an active and practical way. 

At KS3, students are continuously building upon prior core, declarative and procedural knowledge, equipping them for their next unit of study and ultimately, equipping students with the skill sets that are required at GCSE standard. 

Throughout KS3, students study a different aspect of Drama each term; ranging from learning key practitioner styles and techniques, to studying pivotal play texts, which further supports with developing our student’s reading and comprehension skills. 

At KS4, students start to really refine their stagecraft, utilising the skills and techniques that they have learned throughout the diverse curriculum within KS3. Students showcase their skills in practical and written components across KS4.

Our Drama department also offers a range of extra-curricular clubs, activities and opportunities, including weekly Drama Club where students are encouraged to work cohesively with peers to put on performances, play Drama games together, learn more about the technical aspects of Drama and most importantly, to enjoy themselves and help promote wellbeing through creativity.  Such activities further embody our ethos here at Havant Academy, with students receiving positive points for making positive contributions in extra curricular activities. 

As part of our intention to provide students with a broad and diverse curriculum, students are also offered opportunities to work with local Theatres such as The Kings Theatre, who provide our students with the opportunity to attend Drama workshops led by those working in the industry. To celebrate our students’ wide range of talents, we also hold showcases of work across the Creative Arts, where parents and carers are regularly invited to come and enjoy a night of Drama, Dance and Music here at Havant Academy.

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