Curriculum Intent

We believe that our pupils should be able to study an ICT and Computing curriculum that prepares them for life in a modern and digital world. 

The ICT curriculum has been designed to build upon pupils’ resilience and perseverance through problem-solving elements, as well as provide pupils with the necessary skills to use technology confidently and independently. 

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is made up of three ingredients: computer science, information technology and digital literacy. 

Pupils will understand and apply the principles and concepts of computer science through Scratch and Python programming, including abstraction, logic and algorithms.

For information technology, pupils will become familiar with the use of fundamental software applications, such as word processing and image editing. They will also gain an understanding of the hardware components that make up a computer system.

The digital literacy elements will enable students to learn how to stay safe online, in addition to comprehending the legal and ethical responsibilities when using technology. 

In Key Stage 4, pupils will be able to study the BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology, a vocational course which is designed to provide pupils with relevant skills to use in the workplace.