Local Governing Body

The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT)

Havant is an academy as part of the Kemnal Academies Trust. TKAT is a multi-academy trust which was established on 1st September 2010. Its constitution is set out in the Articles of Association and this is shared with individual academies via the Scheme of Delegation. TKAT have, through the Scheme of Delegation, established Local Governing Bodies for each of the Academies.

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The Local Governing Body of each of the Academies is responsible for fulfilling the strategic and operational governance role in the conduct of the Academy.

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There are no employees of Havant Academy who have a gross salary and benefits of £100,000 or more


We currently have 9 Governors:

  • 1 Chair of Governors

  • 6 LGB appointed Governor

  • 2 Staff Governors

Our Governors

  • Ben Cooper – Chair of Governors

  • Nikki Daniels – Vice Chair of Governors

  • Bishoy Benam – Appointed Governor

  • Bob Ainsworth – Appointed Governor

  • Philip Holmes - Appointed Governor

  • Debbie Hick - Appointed Governor

  • Lorraine Moriarty - Appointed Governor

  • Tim Astill – Staff Governor

  • Ashleigh Newland - Staff Governor

  • Emma Symonds - Clerk to Governors


There are six meetings of the full Local Governing Body each academic year. In addition to this, there is a Pay Committee that meets in the autumn term to review the Headteacher’s proposals for staff performance related pay.

Local Governing Body Meetings

The Local Governing Body meetings of Havant Academy are ‘open’ meetings, so, if you are interested to come along as an observer, you are welcome to attend.

Those planning to attend are required to give a minimum of two school week's notice. Please note that you will not be eligible to speak and will be required to leave the meeting at request of the Chair, for example, during any ‘confidential’ items.

If you would like to attend a meeting please e-mail ChairofGovernors@havant-tkat.org

Information about TKAT governance is found at http://www.tkat.org/140/governance

Responsibilities and Remit of the Local Governing Body

The TKAT Board has delegated the following responsibilities to Local Governing Bodies:

Represent the Academy’s local community and stakeholders by ensuring that the Academy’s policies and practice meet the community’s needs:

  • Contribute to the development, review and monitoring of Academy policies

  • Ensure appropriate parent engagement, providing a point of contact for parents, carers and other members of the local community and ensuring their contribution is valued

  • Promote collaboration with other Academies in the Trust

Support Directors of Education to improve Academy outcomes:

  • Support and challenge the implementation of the Trust’s development plan

  • Support and challenge the implementation of the Academy plan

  • Support and challenge progress towards the Academy performance targets

  • Have oversight of the budget ensuring the priorities meet the need of the school community and that expenditure is within its budget

Support the Senior Leadership Team to ensure staffing is efficient and effective:

  • Contribute to the development and review of the staffing structure

  • Be involved in key staffing appointments

  • Have oversight of the Academy’s performance management process

  • The Chair of Governors will be involved in the Headteacher’s Performance Management

Pay Reviews:

  • To implement the Pay Policy in a fair and objective manner and to consider any individual representations that may be made in respect of pay decisions.

  • To undertake an annual pay review for each member of staff based on the criteria set out in the Pay Policy with effect from 1 September.

  • To observe all statutory and contractual obligations, including making arrangements to notify pay decisions to individual members of staff within appropriate timescales.

  • To consider recommendations of the reviewer/Headteacher for pay rises.

  • To recommend the annual budget required for pay purposes, including provision for discretionary pay awards arising from performance reviews.