Health & Social Care

Curriculum Intent

We believe that Health and Social care should inspire, challenge and motivate learners to make informed healthy lifestyle choices for themselves and with others both inside and outside of the classroom. Students are exposed to a varied and engaging curriculum across KS4. There is an expectation to understand and analyse a range of legislation, communication skills, the impact of care values, and an understanding of first aid. All of the topics visited are applied to Health, Social and Early years settings and the clients who use these services. The Cambridge National is a level 1/2 course that is offered as an option unit in KS4 at the Academy.

Health, social care and early years topics outside the classroom includes a range of activities for them to apply their knowledge to current affairs and the experiences of  family members. There is an opportunity for work experience within the early years setting, and to meet with a range of professionals. All of these opportunities are designed to build upon their knowledge base in applied real life situations.