Break & Lunch Time

This is a picture of the back of our school. In this image, there is a large three story building, large filed infront of the bulding and multiple trees. This picture was taken on a beautiful summers day and therefore, it shows the school under a crisp blue sky.
This is a picture of a break time area in our school. In this image is multiple picnic benches, trees and bins on a grey concrete floor.
This is a picture of our Atrium at break time. In the image is a large and vast bright room with see-through ceiling, glass walls and multiple tables and chairs filling the entire space. There are lots of our students in the image enjoying their break time.

Break and Lunch Time

At Havant Academy, there is lots of space, inside and outside, for all Year Groups to enjoy break and lunch time. This time is so important for you to socialise with your peers, refresh yourself and get yourself ready for your next lesson.

When and How Long?

Break is at 11:10am and is 20 minutes long. Lunch time is at 13:30pm is 30 minutes long.

Outside Areas?

In good weather, you’ll have access lots of field space to spend time in the sunshine, play games and enjoy catching up with your friends! We have lots of picnic benches and space outside for you to enjoy.

Inside Areas?

We have a very large space called the Atrium, which is just next to the canteen. When the weather is rainy, you will be able to spend your break in your dedicated classrooms with your friends.

Who can Help?

Don’t worry, wherever you choose to spend your free time, there will always be adults on duty, just like at primary school. There will always be a familiar staff member nearby who will be watching over you and your friends, they will also be able to answer any questions you may have.


If you wish, you can choose to buy food at break and lunchtime from our canteen. They have a wide range of lunches and snacks both hot and cold to choose from.

You can also decide to bring food and drinks with you in a lunchbox. This is fine as long as no fizzy or high energy drinks are brought into school. We want you to be healthy!

Some students even do a mix of the two. Perhaps bring a snack from home for break time and buy lunch in the canteen.

How to Pay for Food at the Canteen?

Havant Academy has a biometric system which means you pay for your lunch using your fingerprint. Your print is linked to a system called Cashless Catering which is an online account system. It is very similar to having your own bank account! You will need to bring some money with you and pop it into our cash machines at school - this will then show up on your account balance over at the canteen when you input your fingerprint.

Don't worry too much, we will provide you with all the information you need to access your account when you start. We will also make sure your parent/carer knows how it works before you start school.

If you are entitled to free school meals, your parents will apply for this via the Eligibility checker soon. Don’t worry—we will send them a letter all about it.