Family Wellbeing

Family Wellbeing

We know that it is such a worrying time for parents/carers, and we're doing our best to help as much as we can. To help with the extra challenges families are facing because of Covid-19 we have provided some useful free services below.

Looking after yourself

It is very natural to feel anxious in this unprecedented situation, we wouldn't be human if we didn't!

If you are feeling anxious, take a moment to check in with yourself: stop, take a deep breath in and exhale fully, making a sighing sound as you breath out. Repeat three times. You can also roll your shoulders and stretch your limbs out and give them a shake, to help bring yourself back into your body.

Another way to help anxiety is to bring your hand to your heart and just rest it there while you slowly breath. Give yourself some love! This wonderful practice has been shown to calm the nervous system.

If you need urgent mental health support

Contact NHS 111, or the NHS website can help you find an urgent mental health helpline

Looking after your child

Recourses that may help:

Other resources