Our Senior Leadership Team

This is a picture of our Head of School, Ms Dillon-Thiselton. In this image, Ms Dillon-Thisleton has short brown hair, she is wearing a blue and yellow stripe top and has a nice smile.

Ms Vicki Dillon-Thiselton - Headteacher

I have taught now for over 23 years, starting my career as a History teacher in 1999 and since then I have had the privilege of working with young people in several schools across Kent, West Sussex and Hampshire.

I arrived at Havant Academy in 2019 having been in senior leadership roles for the previous 15 years. 

I am very proud to work at Havant Academy and I am absolutely committed to ensuring that we foster a culture of high standards and expectations within which every young person is known and nurtured.

This is a picture of our Deputy Headteacher, Mr Kevin Gardner. In this image, Mr Gardner has a bald head and full beard, he is wearing a floral tie, dark navy suit and has a nice smile.

Mr Kevin Gardner - Deputy Headteacher

Before joining Havant Academy, I worked in West Sussex schools as science teacher, as Head of Department and, more recently in the Senior Leadership Team of a secondary school in Bognor Regis. 

I have worked for many years in the area of behaviour, safeguarding and alternative provision, providing specialist care and intervention for the most vulnerable students and working hard to ensure high standards in all areas of students conduct. I firmly believe that when students look smart and act responsibly that they can achieve their very best and I am very proud to be part of that journey with Havant Academy to ensure that all students can go on to be the best version of themselves in the future.

This is an image of our Assistant Headteacher, Susanne Evans. She is smiling. She has blonde hair and a red shirt and black blazer on.

Mrs Susanne Evans - Associate Deputy Headteacher

Having worked in local schools in both West Sussex and Hampshire, both large and small, over the last 13 years, I am excited to work with the wonderful young people and staff at Havant Academy. 

I have joined Havant Academy as the Data, Assessment and Raising Standards Lead. My role is centred around ensuring we understand their key areas of strengths and development across all subject areas, so we are able to work collectively and collaboratively to ensure all of our students are receiving the very best of us, to ensure they can achieve the best of themselves. 

This is an image of our Assistant Headteacher, Craig Hudson. He has a wide smile and a blue suit and tie on.

Mr Craig Hudson - Associate Deputy Headteacher

I am very pleased to have joined Havant Academy in April 2023. Before joining Havant Academy, I spent a short time working in schools in Portsmouth before moving to Berkshire. I have spent the past 12 years working at a school in Reading where I have taken on a variety of roles including different senior leadership positions.

I am a highly motivated, committed, and passionate teacher and leader. I encourage all to be ambitious and to have a positive outlook on life. My main responsibility here is ensuring that teachers are supported in their efforts to deliver exceptional lessons for all students every day. I believe with ambition and drive all can be successful and realise their potential. I look forward to becoming part of the school community and supporting everyone with their ambitious journeys.

This is an image of Assistant Headteacher, Anthony Ender. He is smiling and wearing a suit and tie.

Mr Anthony Ender - Assistant Headteacher

Before joining Havant Academy, I worked in a similar size school in West Sussex for 9 years. During my time there, I worked both as a Head of Year 9 and 10, as well as Head of the PE Department.


In my new role at Havant Academy, I will increase the attendance and engagement of all students by working closely with everyone within our community.  I’ll also be working with the ACE Tutoring program and supporting all new Year 6 students coming to our Academy next year. 

I know that if students are in school every day working hard, we have the skills to support them to build a great future. 

I look forward to working with you all to create a brighter future for our community. 

This is a picture of our Assistant Headteacher, Miss Natasha Pinwill. In this image, Miss Pinwill has shoulder length wavy blonde hair, is wearing a black blazer and has a beaming smile.

Miss Natasha Pinwill - Assistant Headteacher

As Assistant Headteacher for Student Welfare and Behaviour, I oversee the students’ behaviour to ensure that they are prepared and able to learn, access the curriculum fully, and can engage with their learning. I am also one of the Academy’s Designated Safeguarding Leads, to ensure our students are kept safe whilst in our care.

I  want the absolute best for our students in every aspect of their time at the Academy, and am proud to be part of the Havant Academy community.

This is an image of our Assistant Headteacher, Mr Henry Vince. He is wearing glasses, smiling kindly and wearing a grey suit and tie.

Mr Henry Vince - Assistant Headteacher

I am delighted to have joined the community at Havant Academy as an Assistant Headteacher. Before joining Havant, I worked in a large mixed comprehensive school in various roles including Head of Department, Head of Faculty and Senior Leadership. I am a trained geography teacher, but I also have significant experience of vocational education.

My role at Havant will focus mainly on the development of teaching and learning, through maintaining the highest standards in classroom practice and developing staff to be the best they can be. I am very student focussed and will take a proactive approach to ensure ambition and scholarship are a part of every student's journey. I am also passionate about good literacy, an area within teaching that I will be working on at Havant. 

I strongly believe that all students can be successful with the right ambition, support and teaching and I look forward to being a part of that journey for our students. 

Ms Kelly Blandford - Associate Assistant Headteacher

Mr Scott Sivier - Business Manager