Curriculum Intent

Mathematics is beautiful, both as a science and an art. Mathematics helps us to understand physical processes, plan and predict future events, solve complex problems and interact within society for everyday life.

We believe that students deserve a broad and aspirational mathematics curriculum, rich in core and facilitative knowledge, which seeks to expand their horizons and ignite a curiosity to prepare them well for everyday life and future employment. Our mathematics curriculum will give students the opportunity to:

We achieve this through a mastery approach; using and exploring different models of mathematics to understand it’s structure, varying tasks (both conceptually and procedurally) so pupils can connect key ideas and become fluent. 

Pupils experience constant and relevant retrieval practice of key mathematical facts to enable them to build a toolkit of problem-solving skills supplemented with professional mathematical vocabulary. Tasks are structured to build on prior knowledge and scaffolded to enable development for all ability levels, the use of manipulatives and multiple representations facilitate progress, alongside research driven teaching techniques such as ‘I Do, We Do, You Do’ and ‘Think, Pair, Share’.

Pupils receive timely and accurate feedback with individual ‘steps to success’ through the use of Mini White Boards within lessons, live marking from teachers during lessons and low stakes quizzes quickly identifying gaps in knowledge to inform future planning. We run intervention alongside this curriculum programme to support pupils that require additional support and focus to make the most progress they can.

Topics are continually revisited throughout the 5-year course to consolidate a deeper understanding of mathematical themes and to encourage students to link their work to other subjects and careers to appreciate that mathematics can be used in almost any context. We have a strong focus on developing problem-solving skills alongside mathematical content to ensure we develop resilient, independent learners ready to tackle GCSE and beyond.