X Errors


50-11-19 Competition is an episode of Dimension X

550422 And the Moon Be Still as Bright (audition) was 550922 (episode #19) *

551103 ep23 Hello, Tomorrow was really ep40; and  560229 ep40 Hello,Tomorrow was really ep23. Ep23 is "in cooperation with Street and Smith" and ep40 is "in cooperation with Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine" and gives the next week's show as A Gun for Dinosaur

560118 ep34 Perigi's Wonderful Dolls was 550605.* 1955 credits begin with "Janet Alexander as Cindy". The 1955 credits with "This concludes the present series." 1956 credits begin with "Denise Alexander, Joan Alexander".

560125 - The Parade - ep 035 was 55-05-01 The Parade. Near the end with the credits, the announcer gives next week's show as Mars is Heaven. The show that should follow episode 35 is Cave of Night. The announcer on ep02 is Don Pardo, on ep35 it's Fred Collins

560229 ep40 Hello,Tomorrow was really ep23 (see above)

561128 The Castaways was 550915. The 1955 version announces brought to you by Street and Smith. *

57-01-09 - (083) - A Saucer Of Loneliness (4865KB) was really the 570905 show.

57-09-05 (110) Saucer of Loneliness (13,373KB) was really the 571005 show. If you want to check your versions, here are some distinguishing differences:

1. If it has the Nightline intro it is 570905 (110). If it isn't Nightline, it could be either date -- no telling how files get cropped.

2. The 570109 (083) credits list Elaine Rost as Janet, Nat Polen as Jason, and Fred Weihe as the director. The 570905 (110) credits list Lynn Cook as Jason, Lydia Bruce as the girl, and George Voutsas as the director.
3. Both are "in cooperation with Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine", but the magazine's featured article for the month announced in the 570109 show is "I am a Nucleus" and the article announced in the 570905 show is "Robots are Nice."

57-08-29 109 Volpa should be 570829 109 Volpla

57-12-12 (121) The Haunted Corpse was 57-07-25 (104) - The Haunted Corpse. Ep 121 should star Edgar Stehli,  Walter Black, and Dean Olmquist.

58-01-27  126 The Iron Chancellor was 73/01/27  127 The Iron Chancellor. There is no 58-01-27 show.

580203 (126) Convict (unreleased) was an episode of Exploring Tomorrow with X Minus opening and closing attached

* indicates originally noted on Digital Deli and included here for completeness