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Sherlock Holmes Errors

30-xx-xx  Final Problem was a duplicate of Murder by Proxy 33-01-18.

31-03-09 Five Orange Pips was a modern program. It sounds like 1980s or newer.

31-11-11 The Three Gables (no open or close) was 64-10-02

320519 The Final Problem was 33-01-18 Murder By Proxy. Says been on the air 3 years. Next week's show is Murder in Rose Hill.

33-05-03 The Walking  Corpse was 330118 Murder by Proxy

39-06-11 (or 41-03-16 or 43-09-10 or 43-09-18) Bruce Partington aka Submarine Plans was 39-11-06. Next week's show is Lion's Mane. Sponsor Bromo-Quinine

40-02-26 The Reigate Puzzle was a modern broadcast, possibly BBC

40-09-29 Th was 611127 The Empty House

41-03-16 (or 43-09-03) Retired Colourman  was really 40-03-11. Last show of the season.

41-11-09 (053) The Stockbroker's Clerk was 60-02-23 (with Hobbes and Shelley)

41-11-16 The Adventure of the Missing Papers was an episode of The Shadow, The 3 Frightened Policemen

42-01-25 The Lion's Mane was 69-07-08 with Carlton Hobbs

43-12-06 Camberwell Poisoning was 46-02-18  Next week: The Terrifying Cats.

43-05-07 Copper Beeches was 40-10-06 Copper Beeches. The next week: Noble Bachelor.

43-05-09 The Three Garridebs was an edited version of 64-09-04

43-10-01  (092) The Speckled Band was 45-11-12 The Speckled Band (The next week's show is The Case of the Double Zero)

43-12-06 The Camberwell Poisoning Case -Rathbone & Bruce was from 46-02-18.  Harry Bartell is the announcer.

44-03-27 Haunting Bagpipes was Haunting Bagpipes 47-02-17 Sponsor Kreml Hair Tonic

44-06-19 (129) Twisted Lip was 46-05-06 (Announcer Harry Bartell)

44-11-06 Murder Under The Big Top was 46-02-04 Indiscretion of Mr Edwards (Next week's show plot matches Guileless Gypsy)
46-02-11 Strange Case of Murderer in Wax was 46-01-07 
47-01-20  (015) Unfortunate Brides was 47-01-27 (016) The Babbling Butler

49-05-09 The Adventure of the Three Garridebs was 64-09-04

49-11-24 Duke of Hollywell was 50-03-22

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