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530125 Search for an Unknown was 48-10-24.  Based on the cast and a mention of a Community Chest Drive this would place it at 48/10/24. Stars Willard Waterman and Frank Lovejoy who appeared only in the 1948 version.

530315 Attorney for the Defense was the AFRS version of 50-07-16 (Both 24:35)

53-06-07 (577) Blue Alibi was 500514 (417) Blue Alibi. The $10,000 contest in the episode is also announced in 500521 The Return.

540328 Incident At Pebble Cove was 540307 - Hudson Bay Incident, The

550123 One Dark Night was the same as 521012 One Dark Night. Correct date unknown

550213 Element X was 52-04-06 Element X. Next week's story is Prescription for Murder.

55-02-20 (0666) Undercurrent was 50-08-27. The announcer says that Labor Day is coming up on the next week and the show is on Sunday. Undercurrent 50-08-27 is 28:27 and begins "The sea was calm" Undercurrent 55-02-20 is 23:43 and begins "The sea was smooth"

550303 Alibi (Thursday) was 42-10-25 Alibi (Sunday) Announces at 00:45 that its Sunday.  From Columbia Square, J. Donald Wilson director.

550317 A Matter of Odds was 520511. Says its Sunday and stay tuned for Our Miss Brooks

550407 Search for an Unknown was 48-10-24. End announces it is Sunday night. Based on the cast and a mention of a Community Chest Drive this would place it at 48/10/24.

550519 A Case for Mr Carrington was the same file as 471022 and 52601. It is either 20:13 or 19:31 if the re-broadcast intro is removed. Correct date unknown.

55-06-16 683 Two Lives Of Colby Fletcher was 47-07-09. Stars Elliott Lewis and has Signal Oil commercials.

550630 Lady In Waiting was 510729 Danger is a Beautiful Blonde

550728 Blank Wall and 470331 Blank Wall were copies of 430626 Blank Wall. Announces move to Fridays at 9 pm. That took place on 430702.

551228 The Dark Room was 480324. End says Wednesday broadcast and tune in to The Saint next week.

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