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Judy Canova Errors

46/09/07 72 Judy's Coming out Party was 45/01/06 1 Judy To Live With Mrs Uppington (correct show available)

48/05/08 152 Judy Interviews Lancelot Buckingham s/b Judy Interviewed by Lancelot Buckingham

480529 (155) Judy Reads Scripts was a duplicate of 120 47-10-04 (12) Judy's Screen Test. Evidence that the correct date is 47-10-04. The opening says "A great new 1948 Super Suds" This is the first episode that advertises the 1948 Super Suds. By May, 1948 it would no longer have been new. The ending says to listen for Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge with his new feature Comedy of Errors. This was advertised in other broadcasts from October of 1947 as a new feature.

480705 Judy, the Songwriter is date unknown in either 1947 or 1948, no earlier than October 1947, no later than June 1948. The Sportsmen are in this episode which should place the show sometime before 480619. It advertises New 1948 Super Suds.

48/08/22 (No title) was 48/02/28 Publicity

48-12-11 (or 481210) 170 Judy Has A Crush On Humphrey was 47/10/18 122 Humphrey Cooper, Handsome Actor. The 1947 date is correct for the same reasons listed above for Judy Reads Scripts.

520105 Judy Sees Psych Two Boyfriends was 490205 (178) Judy has Two Boyfriends