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Superman (Adventures of) Errors

Logs showing Grayson Submarine beginning May 12, 1941 are wrong. The second series starting with Grayson Submarine began August 25, 1941, thereby throwing off all subsequent shows.

As an example, 41-11-21 The Pan American Highway (episode #4 of 15) s/b 41-12-15. It refers to the Pearl Harbor attack (the Japanese firing the first shot and the U.S. will be firing the last).

Logs showing Superman Comes to Earth

420924 The Tiny Men was 420922
420925 The Tiny Men was 420924
420928 The Tiny Men was 420925 (Tune in Monday, same time, same station)

Tin Men 43-01-07 was  43-01-05
Tin Men 43-01-11 was  43-01-06
Tin Men 43-01-19 was  43-01-18

Tin Men Series notes (lost name of original author)

Superman 42-12-31 Mystery Ship concludes on the 31st and the announcer says that there is no show on 1-1-43 so that the Cotton Bowl can be broadcast. 1-1-43 is a Friday so the first "Tin Men" show would have been broadcast on Monday, 1-4-43.

The last episode of the series concludes on a day that is not a Friday which means that the January 22 date is wrong. The last episode starts a new story line which would mean a Thursday date. The final episode should be dated January 21, 1943 which means that there are 14 episodes.

The Superman 43-01-05 is the first available episode and seems to logically flow as it involves the disappearance of the Tin Man, the plan and the role of Dr. Livewright.

The episode that resolves all of issues and accuses Dr. Livewright of defrauding the stockholders is dated 43-01-12. This episode introduces Dr. Leander Cameron. The Dr. Cameron thread continues this storyline. Thus, the 43-01-12 episode should be redated as it occurs before the introduction of the Vulture. It becomes the second available episode in this thread but not the second episode in the storyline.

The episode dated 43-01-06 continues the Dr. Cameron thread. It introduces the Vulture and has the Vulture stealing the miniature Tin Man from Dr. Cameron. This episode needs to be redated as it occurs after Dr. Livewright has been exposed.

The episode dated 43-01-08 follows the 43-01-06 episode. The problem is that the date of this episode is shown as a Friday but the announcer asks the audience to tune in tomorrow for the next episode which means it is not a Friday episode. This episode needs to be redated.

The episode dated 43-01-15 is the fifth available episode and is a Friday episode per the date and per the announcer. I assumed that this date is correct for this storyline and the pre and post episodes are dated from this one and one other.

The episode 43-01-18 follows the previous episode. January 18 was a Monday and logically follows January 15th as a Superman episode.

The episode dated 43-01-20 follows the previous episode, dated 1-18, but there is at least a one episode gap in the story line.  Jimmy was captured in the previous episode but not the January 18 episode.

The last episode is dated January 22 and follows the January 20th episode, wraps up the series and is not a Friday per the announcer (tune in tomorrow...). This episode needs to be redated.

The revised list of shows:

Available Set of Shows:                                  Revised Dates and Episode Numbers:

Superman_43-01-05_e0002_TinMen,The     Change to Superman_43-01-05_e0416_The_Tin_Men_Pt2

Superman_43-01-06_e0003_TinMen,The3   Change to Superman_43-01-12_e0421_The_Tin_Men_Pt7

Superman_43-01-07_e0004_TinMen,The4   Delete, it is a duplicate of the 43-01-05 episode

Superman_43-01-08_e0005_TinMen,The5   Change to Superman_43-01-13_e0422_The_Tin_Men_Pt8

Superman_43-01-11_e0006_TinMen,The6   Delete, it is a duplicate of the 43-01-06 episode

Superman_43-01-12_e0007_TinMen,The7   Change to Superman_43-01-11_e0420_The_Tin_Men_Pt6

Superman_43-01-15_e0010_TinMen,The10  Change to Superman_43-01-15_e0424_The_Tin_Men_Pt10

Superman_43-01-18_e0011_TinMen,The11  Change to Superman_43-01-18_e0425_The_Tin_Men_Pt11

Superman_43-01-19_e0012_TinMen,The12  Delete, it is a duplicate of the 43-01-08 episode

Superman_43-01-20_e0013_TinMen,The13  Change to Superman_43-01-20_e0427_The_Tin_Men_Pt13 

Superman_43-01-21_e0014_TinMen,The14  Delete, it is a duplicate of 43-01-20 episode

Superman_43-01-22_e0015_TinMen,The15  Change to Superman_43-01-21_e0428_The_Tin_Men_Pt14

The log lists two episodes of the 1942 "The Wolfe" storyline, parts 9 and 11, as being extant. My own copies were mislabelled, part 9 seeming to be the end of the story, which would make it part 11, and part 11 being an episode of "The Tiny Men."

Also, "Lita the Leopard Woman" should be "Nita the Leopard Woman." Her name is only used in a few of the early episodes, where the announcer is quite clear in his pronunciation. Later, she is described as the leopard cult's LEADER, the Leopard Woman. I'm guessing someone misheard Nita and leader and gave us Lita.

45-12-24 Looking For Kryptonite 15 of 25 was 451219 Looking For Kryptonite 12 of 25 (ceiling lowering on Batman and Robin in Room Zero)

49-02-18 (0006) The Mystery of the Voice Machine was 49-12-31 The Mystery of the Little Men

49-02-21 (0007) The Mystery of the Little Men was
501123 The Story of Marina Baum

49-10-29 (0061) The Case of the Courageous Cobbler was 49-10-29 Mystery of the Walking Dead.

49-11-05 Mystery of the Walking Dead s/b dated 491029