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Purpose: This site compiles title and date errors / mistakes found in OTR (old time radio) mp3 files.

History: I kept acquiring mislabeled OTR programs and then realizing that I had deleted the same shows months or years earlier. To keep track, I started keeping lists of mislabeled shows and am sharing my lists.

Caveat: If this site says show 'a' was actually show 'b', that means it has occurred that way at least once. The best practice is to listen to the show to determine whether you have show 'a' or 'b'. If you have any contributions for these pages, please click here.


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Thanks to: Carl, Kermyt, Bobby P., Uberfrau (Lisa), Bluesmouse (Charles), Razzilla (Ludwig), Kurt, otrwash, greybelt (Dr. Joe Webb), completedayman, Ben Kibler (RIP), Digital Deli, all the folks at the Cobalt Club, Otrplus and OTRR who keep me busy and anyone else who ever found an OTR error.