Witch's Tale Errors

All dates from 1931 or 1932 or 1933 are wrong. The earliest correctly dated shows are from 1934. Almost all the month/day dates circulating are wrong because those dates are for WOR broadcasts and the circulating shows are different transcriptions (different than the WOR) or Australian. Here are the known existing programs:

WOR-MUTUAL , NEW YORK (recordings from live broadcasts)

“The Magic Skin—Part 1” (9/3/35)

“In the Devil’s Name—Part 1” (1/8/37)

ALL-STAR BROADCASTS, NEW YORK , 1934 (electrical transcription series)

“The House of the Bridegroom” (promotional disc)

“The House of the Bridegroom—Part 1”

“The House of the Bridegroom—Part 2”

“Frankenstein— Part 1”

“Frankenstein— Part 2”

Honeymoon Cottage -- Part 2

“The Bronze Venus—Part 1”

“The Bronze Venus—Part 2”

“The Spirits of the Lake —Part 1”

“The Spirits of the Lake —Part 2”

“The Gipsy’s Hand—Part 1”

“The Gipsy’s Hand—Part 2”

“Graveyard Mansion —Part 1”

“Graveyard Mansion —Part 2”

“The Flying Dutchman—Part 1”

“The Flying Dutchman—Part 2”

“The Hairy Monster—Part 1”

“The Hairy Monster—Part 2”

“The Werewolf—Part 1”

“The Werewolf—Part 2”

“The Wonderful Bottle—Part 1”

“The Wonderful Bottle—Part 2”

“The Entomologist— Part 1”

“The Entomologist— Part 2”

“A Happy Ending—Part 1"

“A Happy Ending—Part 2”

GROUP BROADCASTERS, NEW YORK , 1934 (electrical transcription series)

“Share and Share Alike”

“Rockabye Baby”

“The Confession”

MACQUARIE BROADCASTING SERVICES, SYDNEY , CA. 1938-1941 (electrical transcription)

“Devil Hands”

[An educated guess on the origins of this episode is that it might have been an audition recording done by an Australian cast while

negotiations were going on to sell the scripts to 2GB.]

ARTRANSA, SYDNEY, CA. 1939-1941 (electrical transcription series)

“The Violin” (#1)

“Four Fingers and a Thumb” (#2)

“The Knife of Sacrifice” (#19)

“The Troth of Death” (#20)

“The Physician to the Dead” (#23)

“The Devil Mask” (#24)

“The Altar of Hate"

“The Boa Goddess"

"The Bulldog"

“The Devil Doctor”

“The Devil’s Number"

“The Firing Squad"

“The Haunted Crossroads"

“The Puzzle"

“Rats in a Trap"

“The Statue of Thor"

"The Suicide"

“The Wedding Gift"

SECOND AUSTRALIAN SERIES, CA. 1943 (ARTRANSA? ARC?) (electrical transcription)

“Tourists Accomodated” (#27)

“The Power of Lucifer” (#28)

“Fallon’s Folly” (#31)

“The Priest of Sekhet” (#32)

”The Mannequin” (#33)

“ Reunion ” (#37)

“The Hangman’s Roost” (#38)

“The Deserter” (#39)

“The King Shark God” (#40)

“The Bells” (#41)

“The Cage” (#42)

“Dangerous Curve” (#45)

“The Will” (#46)

“The Hand of Glory” (#47)

“The Treasure” (#48)

“Rappaccini”s Daughter” (#51)

“The Guardian of the Tomb” (#52)

WJZ-NBC BLUE, NEW YORK (recording of live broadcast)

"The Gipsy's Hand" (8/3/41)

[This is a re-creation of the Witch's Tale script on the series Star Spangled Theatre.]