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Tom Mix Errors

There are 3 episodes of Hurricane Horse that are dated variously in April 1948 or August 1948. In episode 3, Babe Ruth appears by transcription to plug a movie being filmed "The Babe Ruth Story". The movie premiered on 7/26/48.  This is not mentioned by the announcer.

Probable right dates are show #1 48/04/27, show #2 48/04/28, show #3 48/04/29

Wrong dates are 48-08-09, 48-08-10, 48-08-11, 48-08-27

Vanishing Village Problems

45-08-10 was the same file as 45-08-13 (this starts with finding a dead body)

45-08-15 was the same file as 45-08-xx with both dates wrong (this show is announced as a 50th anniversary broadcast re-creation from approximately 1982).

File dated 45-08-13 (opens with Mary Slade in hospital) was 45-08-14. See below

I think it should go like this:
45-08-10 Vanishing Village Part 1 (opens with dead body found)
First Line "He's the second one to off"

45-08-13 Part 2 (opens with Mary Slade is found hurt)
First Line: Tom, Tom, she's hurt badly.

45-08-14 Part 3 (opens with Mary Slade in Hospital)(announcement made that the President will have a press conference that night at 7 pm.) (VJ Day)
First line: I don't rightly savvy what's going on here.

50-06-23 - Final episode.mp3 was Tom Mix - 41-04-18 - Hidden Mesa