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Singles Doubles v 1


Vol. 1

7 Front Street 47-05-04 Sheik (Last Show) s/b dated 47-10-02 (radiogold)

A L Alexanders Board Of Mediation 48-06-23 s/b 43-06-28

Abbotts, Adventures of the xx-xx-xx Canary Yellow Sack.mp3, 13 available

Adventurers, Inc. 48-07-12 Features Pappy Boyington.mp3 s/b Adventure, Inc.

Air Force Party 47-06-31 40th Anniv of Army Air.mp3 s/b 47-07-31. Announces
that next day is August 1st. Also June does not have 31 days.

Albert Brooks Show 43-08-04 A Star Is Bought.mp3 is a modern comedy bit from
the record album "A Star is Bought" (1975) by Albert Brooks

Alexander Prescott Show 46-06-21 Features Eric Dresser s/b Allen Prescott Show

Allen & Jane 46-04-20  News And Chatter About Old New York.mp3 s/b Allen and Jean

American Agent 46-xx-xx Title Unknown.mp3 is a duplicate of Bob Barkley, Undercover Agent 46-xx-xx Tyler Forest.mp3 Neither title is right. The actual name of the show is Bob Barclay - American Agent and it ran from 12/06/50 to 09/26/51

American Comedy 49-xx-xx To Be Determined.mp3 is the show Living 1949, episode 'The State of American Humor' from 49-01-30

American Heritage, 3 available

American Way 53-09-31.mp3 should be dated 53-10-01. The script is at tobaccodocuments.org Also, they say that tomorrow is Friday.

American Review 33-10-22.mp3 s/b American Revue (per Elizabeth McLeod)

American Review 33-11-05.mp3 s/b American Revue

Attorney At Law 38-06-16 Case of the Asia Express s/b 38-07-05 per the papers of Milton Geiger and the radio listings in the NYT.
There was a different 15 minute show called Attorney at Law on 38-06-16

Singles and Doubles Vol 2.

Bandwagon xx-xx-xx Freddy Martin Orchestra.mp3 was Fitch Bandwagon (AFRS) xx-xx-xx Freddy Martin Orchestra.mp3    at least 4 available in mp3

Beat The Band 40-01-28 First Show.mp3  - at least 4 available in mp3

Barry Gray Show 40-xx-xx Al Jolson, Henny Youngman, Joey Ada.mp3 s/b Barry Gray Show 46-10-27 Al Jolson, Henny Youngman, Joey Adams.mp3

Bishop & The Gargoyle 40-07-14 (2) Jennifer B utts Case.mp3 s/b Jennifer Botts Case

Black Door xx-xx-xx City Of The Fire God is really Suspense 61-11-19 The Black Door

Captain America xx-xx-xx Origin Of Captain America.mp3

Captain America xx-xx-xx Origin Of Red Skull.mp3  (These are a soundtrack to a cartoon)

Vol 3.

Carson Robison and His Buckaroos 49-xx-xx.mp3 s/b Carson Robinson and His Buckaroos 49-xx-xx.mp3

Cities Service 45-08-10.mp3 s/b Highways and Melodies 45-08-10

Clean Sweep xx-xx-xx (1) The Ice Boy.mp3 s/b dated 97-09-06
Clean Sweep xx-xx-xx Cold Storage.mp3 s/b dated 99-11-6 (30 available on mp3)

Colgate Halo Theater Of Romance xx-xx-xx Messiah.mp3 s/b Theater Of Romance 45-12-25 Messiah.mp3                       60 or more available in mp3

Columbia Presents Shakespeare 470823 - Henry IV.mp3 s/b dated 370823

Comedy Capers 35-07-30.mp3 was Komedie Kapers * 34/xx/xx   64 First Tune - I'm Satisfied (at least 45 available in mp3)

Connee Boswell Show 44-06-14.mp3 - At least 11 available

Country Music Time xx-xx-xx (363) Willis Brothers.mp3 - many available

Country Style USA 57-xx-xx ErnestTubb.mp3 - many available

Crosstalk 41-10-31 Groucho Marx, Deems Taylor was an ep of Information Please

Dear John 4x-xx-xx Book 04 Letter 048.mp3
Dear John 4x-xx-xx Book 04 Letter 049.mp3 - 3 available

Diamond K Tales xx-xx-xx Squaw Man's Fortune - 36 available as Tales from the Diamond K

Singles and Doubles Vol. 4

Did Justice Triumph 47-07-28 (27) Marriage Bureau Murders.mp3
Did Justice Triumph 47-08-25 (31) Unseen Murder Mystery.mp3         3 available

Don't You Believe It 47-01-04.mp3 is unplayable

Dr.Dana 47-xx-xx The Barbara Dunbar Case s/b Private Practice of Doctor Dana 480125

Drama of the Courts xx-xx-xx Unknown Tramp.mp3        11 available on mp3

Earl Sparling Show xx-xx-xx Ditto Dan.mp3 is Lights and Shadows of New York xx-xx-xx Ditto Dan

Eddy Arnold Show 56-xx-xx (086).mp3
Eddy Arnold Show 56-xx-xx (101).mp3                       at least 5 available

Eileen Holmes 44-06-07.mp3 s/b Woman in White, The 44-06-07.mp3

Expert Witness xx-xx-xx FBI Labratory Scandal.mp3 this is some talk show from the last 10 years

Family, The 45-04-28 First Song - Siboney.mp3 was 45-04-29 Prudential Family Hour

Fighter Sabotage 52-01-15.mp3 was an episode of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet

Five Star Theater 33-05-22  Marx Brothers.mp3              3 exist on mp3

Four Star Playhouse 49-08-08 Corey.mp3                 3 exist on mp3

Fred Waring Show 47-06-24 Fred Waring.mp3
Fred Waring Show 48-06-08 Fred Waring.mp3         17 available in mp3

Frigidare Star Time 46-11-23 Woman in the Window was really Hollywood Star Time
20 available in mp3

Fullness of Life xx-xx-xx (10) A City Beautiful.mp3  s/b Fullness of Times 38-xx-xx (10) The City Beautiful.mp3

George Fishers Hollywood xx-xx-xx Monte Wooley.mp3 s/b George Fischers Hollywood 46-06-xx Nanette Fabray Interview

George O'Hanlin Show xx-xx-xx Birthday Watch, The.mp3 s/b George O'Hanlon Show 48-11-xx

G.I Joe xx-xx-xx Boy Meets Coconut.mp3 s/b 53-xx-xx

Singles and Doubles Vol. 5

G I Christmas Present 43-12-25 The Christmas Package.mp3 s/b G I Christmas Package 43-12-25 The Christmas Package.mp3

Great Plays 38-11-06 The Tragic Story of Dr Faustus.mp3
Great Plays 40-11-24 (65) The Tempest - many available in mp3

Greatest Sports Thrill 56-xx-xx (16) Terry O'Brian   6 available in mp3

Grist Mill, The xx-xx-xx Night Shade
Grist Mill, The xx-xx-xx Appointment Book
http://www.virtuallyamerican.com produces this NTR. 3 available

Happy Hank 48-12-30 New Year's Resolutions - many available in mp3

Hear It Now 50-12-15 Korean War  - many available in mp3

Heinz Hall Of Fame 34-12-01 Christmas Stocking.mp3 s/b Hinds Hall Of Fame 34-12-23 Christmas Stocking.mp3

Hello Sucker 52-01-12 Fur Coats - 4 available

Henry J. Taylor 48-03-15 Rattlesnake was was 1 minute of Your Land and Mine (with Henry J Taylor) and then a totally show with 4 minutes of discussion of rattlesnakes.

Hildegarde xx-xx-xx (6) with Stu Irvin was 45-10-02 -  3 available

Hobby Lobby 4x-xx-xx Cooking With Cold was 49-01-22

Hollywood Mystery Time 45-05-20 Glowing Eves  - 3 available

Hollywood Theater 52-12-17 Sitting Duck s/b 51-12-18 per NYT

Hour Of Stars 49-07-17 (41) I Give You Maggie.mp3 was Family Hour of Stars
5 available

Singles and Doubles Vol 6

House Of Horror 38-02-13 was an episode of The Shadow from 40-11-17

I Can Hear It Now xx-xx-xx Edward R Murrow.mp3 is from a record album Click here

Irene Castle 30-01-01 Life Of Irene Castle Pt-4.mp3 s/b Life of Irene Castle

It Happened Tomorrow 45-01-02 was an episode of Theater of Romance

Jack Haley Show 37-12-11 12 available on mp3

Jean Sablon xx-xx-xx Here's to Vets.mp3 was Here's To Veterans   3 available on mp3

Joe DiMaggio Show 49-xx-xx with Lou Ethrack s/b Lou Effratt - 3 available

Joe Penner 3x-xx-xx Parent's Homecoming s/b 37-04-25

John Barrymore Theater 37-07-26 (6) Taming Of The Shrew is aka Streamlined Shakespeare

Johnny Chase xx-xx-xx The Pirate Vallesar is a  modern show

Jury Retires, The xx-xx-xx Case of the Greedy Nephew.mp3 5 available on mp3

Kaleidoscope 46-xx-xx Houdini Special.mp3 This a program broadcast from 1960s-1998 on WVXU (Cincinnati, Ohio) and WJR (Detroit), not from 1946

KBOX Dan Ingram 61-02-27 No Title.mp3 s/b KBOX Dan Ingram 60-02-27 No Title.mp3
date given on show

Keep Em' Rolling 42-04-19 I Wonder If They Know
Keep Em' Rolling 42-05-03 - 6  available

Ken Maynard xx-xx-xx Oklahoma Kid is an ep of Tales From The Diamond K - many available

King Kong Radio Version 1938.mp3 was from an LP distributed in the 1950s

Law West Of The Pecos xx-xx-xx First Show.mp3 was from 1946

Law West Of The Pecos xx-xx-xx Walter Brennen.mp3 was an episode of Cavalcade of America 450611 439 The Law West of the Pecos.mp3

Singles and Doubles Vol 7

Let's Sing and Swing 41-12-09 (46).mp3 s/b Let's Sing and Swing 41-12-08 (46).mp3

Lifebouy Program 38-10-18 Stars Al Jolson with Martha Raye.mp3   Al Jolson Version - 3 available in mp3

Lifebouy Show 44-05-25 Guest Frank Sinatra Bob Burns version -  10 available in mp3

Log Cabin Jamboree 37-12-11.mp3   10 available in mp3

Mad Masters 46-03-19 Dreams He Is Champ s/b Those Mad Masters

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round 48-08-08 1st Song - Love Somebody.mp3
4 are available

March Of Dimes 41-12-12 Pearl Harbor.mp3 was March of Time   multiple shows available

Maritime History xx-xx-xx Saga of the Shenandoah.mp3 s/b Curtain of Time 49-xx-x_Saga of The Shenandoah . 3 are available

Mary Foster Editors Daughter xx-xx-xx Episodes 2195-2198.mp3 4 episodes available

Vol. 8

Moon Mullins 40-xx-xx [Aud] Suit of Armor.mp3 was from 47-01-31. It is duplicated but correctly dated on Vol. 15

Music America Loves Best 44-12-08 (AFRS).mp3 s/b 44-08-12

Music Valley xx-xx-xx.mp3 is the same file as Music Valley 46-xx-xx Merle Travis & Jimmy Wakley.mp3 (also on the disc)

My Raggedy Ann xx-xx-xx Title Unknown.mp3 was Raggedy Ann 431027 Peter Churchmouse.mp3

My Son Jeep - 4 available in mp3
My Son Jeep 53-05-03 The Fight.mp3 is probably misnamed. It is about the Minehaha Convocation

NBC Summer Theater xx-xx-xx  After Many A Summer Dies the Swan.mp3 was New Theatre 510605 - After Many A Summer Dies The Swan
(already on disc)

Ned Jordan, Secret Agent 41-05-00.mp3 was Ned Jordan, Secret Agent 410513 Tank Trap For Terrorists #130

NSS xx-xx-xx Hope and Crosby.mp3 s/b New Swan Show xx-xx-xx Hope and Crosby.mp3

Out Of The Deep 51-01-10 The Amazon Episode.MP3 - 3 available on mp3

Out Of The Night 40-xx-xx When Justice Was Blind.mp3    5 are available

Out Of The Past xx-xx-xx Werewolf, The.mp3 May not be an error, but what is this?

PAL Show, The 47-01-14 Joe DiMaggio.mp3 s/b  47-01-04

Vol 9

Passing Parade 43-12-xx Story of Christmas Seals.mp3
Passing Parade 44-06-06 D-Day Special.mp3 - 3 available on mp3

Paul Whiteman Presents 43-06-13 Burns & Allen.mp3    - 3 available

Paul Whitman Show 46-12-08 Connecticut is the Place for Me s/b Paul Whiteman Show

People's Choice xx-xx-xx Do It Anyway You Wanna.mp3 This is 3 min of disco

People's Choice xx-xx-xx I Likes To Do It.mp3 This is 3 min of disco

Phil Byrnes Mystery xx-xx-xx (01) Debutante in Danger.mp3 These are 3 modern internet dramas from virtuallyamerican.com

Philip Morris Theater 41-05-25 Dead End s/b Great Moments from Great Plays 41-04-25 Dead End

Phone Again, Finigan 45-04-27 s/b Phone Again, Finnegan 46-04-27. The show premiered in April 1946.

Pretty Kitty Kelly 39-03-03.mp3 may be Pretty Kitty Kelly 39-03-09.mp3 that is the date given by radiogoldindex

Prince Valiant - Prince Valiant Becomes a Knight is from an LP

Prudential Family Hour 49-03-06 Impact.mp3 will not play

Public Defender xx-xx-xx Eddie Lewis.mp3 was a duplicate of Roger Kilgore, Public Defender 48-10-12 Eddie Lewis.mp3 which was also in collection

Public Defender xx-xx-xx George Brown.mp3 was a duplicate of Roger Kilgore, Public Defender 48-04-27 George Brown.mp3 which was  also in collection

Purple Heart Album 46-12-25 (AFRS) Santa Claus is Coming to Town.mp3 would not play

Queen For a Day 48-02-14 was 50-02-13 (per radiogold and mention of new film "Francis the Talking Mule (1950))

Raleigh Cigarette Program 44-04-11 Candy - at least 10 available

Raymond Graham Swing 43-08-16.mp3 at least 3 available

Renfrew of the Mounted Renfrew Of The Mounted 48-01-18 Title Unknown s/b 48-03-15

Repertory Theater of the Air xx-xx-xx R U R.mp3 was from 37-05-50

Vol 10

Scattergood Baines 49-09-02 Scattergood vs Charity.mp3      3 available

Science Magazine of the Air xx-xx-xx (130) Rockets Away.mp3 - 23 available

Second Husband xx-xx-xx Christmas Eve Opening Night.mp3 was Victory Front (Second Husband) - Christmas Eve Opening Night.mp3   - 6 Victory Front eps available on mp3

Shriner Special 47-xx-xx Bob Hope, Spike Jones, Dinah Shore .mp3 s/b Shriner Special 46-04-27 Bob Hope, Spike Jones, Dinah Shore

Sinbad The Sailor 48-xx-xx-xx B Rathbone.mp3 is from a record album

Smilin' Jack 39-12-18 The Voice is a chopped up version of 390508 (1-01) Insidious Dr Fu Manchu

Somebody Knows 50-07-06 (1) Unsolved Murder of Joseph P Bohanek, The s/b
50-07-20 dated from "Aug 31st is six weeks from today" and Casey Crime
Photographer promo ad at end

Stark Rock xx-xx-xx Case of the Thanksgiving Slasher.mp3 was first broadcast
98-11-29 on WBAI

Story Of Mary Marlin 44-06-07.mp3  - 3 available

Vol 11

Tales From Harlem 38-01-03.mp3 s/b Tales From Harlem 38-01-08.mp3

Tales Of Fatima xx-xx-xx Time To Kill.mp3 s/b Tales Of Fatima 49-05-28 Time To Kill.mp3

Tom Powers Life Studies 36-12-23 Radio Tower.mp3 s/b Tom Powers Life Studies 36-01-23 Radio Tower.mp3

Tonight at Nine Thirty 45-02-16 Nervous Indigestion.mp3

Tonight at Nine-Thirty 46-02-02-(4) The Devil is a Woman.mp3 - 10 available on mp3

Treasury Agent 49-08-08.mp3 was the same show as Treasury Agent 47-08-11 The Faithful Wife.mp3. The end of the show states that American Town Meeting on the air will start on Tuesdays on Sep. 2, and also basing on radiogoldindex date for the show, 47-08-11 is correct.

Trumpet Talks The xx-xx-xx.mp3 was an episode of Destination Freedom 490731 55 Trumpet Talks, The.mp3

United Service For All Americans 47-07-16 One Early Morning.mp3 s/b Golden Door 47-07-16 One Early Morning

US Maritime Services 44-07-09 We Deliver the Goods s/b We Deliver the Goods 44-07-09

Victory Parade 45-01-06 Jimmy Joy.mp3  - 6 available in mp3

Victory Theater 42-08-26 Amos & Andy s/b 42-08-24 per NYT

Wanted 01 xx-xx-xx Wanted For Armed Robbery.mp3 duplicate of Wanted 50-08-18 Cop Killer of the West.mp3 on same disk

War Air Stories 32-07-26 The Deacon From Hell.mp3 was George Bruce's Air Stories of the World War 4 available in mp3

Vol 12

WWII Stories From English Woman xx-xx-xx was Don't You Know There's A War On - The Story Of The Home Front  a documentary from the BBC (possibly never broadcast).

Whispers In The Night 39-04-29 The Cliff.Mp3 was Arch Oboler' Plays 39-04-29 The Cliff - at least 8 available in mp3

Yank Swing Session xx-xx-xx AFRS 86.mp3    4 available in mp3

Young at Heart 47-12-04 Treasure Island.mp3 s/b Young In Heart

Ziegfield Follies Of The Air 36-01-26 Opening Night.mp3 - 3 available

Vol. 13

First Fabulous Fifty 76-10-17 Bob Hope.mp3   - 5 available

Happy Island xx-xx-xx (1).mp3 was 44/12/01  Happy Island - Department Store

Happy Island xx-xx-xx (2).mp3 was 44/xx/xx   Happy Island - Breaking Up Prince Edward's Romance

March Of Dimes 41-12-12 Pearl Harbor was March of Time

Person to Person with Ed Murrow xx-xx-xx Jill Corey is audio from a TV show

Those Westons 46-xx-xx 1946 Class Reunion s/b Those Websters

Under Arrest 49.05.08 Criminals Behind Bars was duplicate of Under Arrest 50-09-06 Airport Con Man   at least 3 available in mp3

USAF Presents 44-08-24 Photo Reconnaissance Mission s/b Soldiers With Wings (same date)

What An I Offered 47-06-21 with Bob Dixon.mp3 s/b What Am I Offered

Vol 14

A Man With A Cause 48-05-17 Henry Fonda was on Vol 13

AFRS Sports Newsreel xx-xx-xx (28) Arkansas Agricultural College.mp3
AFRS Sports Newsreel xx-xx-xx (33) Song, Take Me Out To The Ballgame.mp3
4 available

Appointment With Fear (BBC) 44-05-18 #xxx The Clock Strikes Eight.mp3
Appointment With Fear 45-11-20 And The Deep Shuddered.mp3 - 3 available

Happy the Humbug 48-12-28 (14).mp3 was on Vol 5.

Heard at Home 48-03-21 Should the Draft Be Restored s/b People's Platform, The

Vol 15 Singles and Doubles

Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories 46-05-06 Marriage Of Convenience.mp3  3 available in mp3

Batman & Robin 50-09-05 (103) Monster Of Dumphreys 01o.mp3
s/b Mystery of Dunphrey's Hall

Behind The Mike 41-05-04 Guest Jack Benny.mp3 -multiple episodes available in mp3

Dr Dana 47-xx-xx The Barbara Dunbar Case s/b Private Practice of Dr. Dana 48-01-25

Eileen Holmes 44-06-07.mp3 was Lady in White

Family Hour of Stars 48-12-19 Lullaby Of Chritmas.mp3 - 5 available and Christmas is misspelled

Front Page Farrell 45-08-10 (1745).mp3 at least 6 episodes available in mp3

Howie Wing, A Saga of Aviation 38-xx-xx (077) Getting Serum To Randolph Field.mp3
6 available

Jack Teagarden 43-08-18 Spotlight Bands.mp3 multiple  available in mp3 of Spotlight Bands

Jason And The Golden Fleet 53-01-11 Frankie and Johnny Trial.mp3 3 available and Fleet s/b Fleece

Joe DiMaggio Show 49-xx-xx with Lou Ethrack.mp3 - 3 available

Keep 'em Rolling 42-04-19 (xx) Tribute To The Men At War.mp3
Keep 'em Rolling 42-05-03 (xx) This Precious Freedom.mp3 - 6 available

Line Up 52-11-19 Woman Murdered.mp3 - at least 50 available

Moving Stories Of Life xx-xx-xx (106) Love On Skies.mp3
Moving Stories Of Life xx-xx-xx (107) Art For Lilly's Sake.mp3   4 available

NBC Circle 39-01-22 Colman,Groucho is a duplicate of Circle 39-01-22 R Colman, C Lombard, G & C Marx, C Grant.mp3 on Vol. 3

One Night Stand 45-07-10 Lucky Millinder at Savoy Ballroom.mp3
One Night Stand 51-09-02 Frankie Carle at Coconut Grove (AFRS).mp3  Hundreds avail able on mp3

Out of the Deep 46-02-09 The Panther Story.mp3
Out of the Deep 46-06-16 Octopus Story.mp3  4 available (including one on vol 8)

Pinto Pete 3x-xx-xx (01) King of the Rangers.mp3 - 8 available

Plantation Jubilee xx-xx-xx (01).mp3
Plantation Jubilee xx-xx-xx (02).mp3 - 6 available

Raleigh Cigarette Program 44-04-11 Candy.mp3 - At least 10 available in mp3 also it is on Vol 9.

Vol 16
Comedy Caravan 45-04-20 (80) - 3 available

Master Radio Canaries 48-02-xx No Title.mp3 was 45-02-11

Ramona and Her Mighty Miniature Minstrels 45-01-21 (01) is on Vol 9

Renfrew of Mounted 38-01-10 Young Mountie.mp3 s/b dated 48/03/15
Renfrew of Mounted 39-02-04 The Bribe.mp3 is on vol 9
Renfrow of the Mounties xx-xx-xx Audition.mp3 is same show as above.

Results Inc. 44-12-16.mp3
Results Inc. 44-12-30.mp3 - 3 available

Scattergood Baines 49-02-24 Sweet Charity.mp3
Scattergood Baines 49-03-31 Rough Riders.mp3     3 available

Smilin' Jack 39-12-18 The Voice (Audition).mp3 was a duplicate of Smilin' Jack 38-00-00 Title Unknown.mp3 on vol 10

Stop The Music 54-xx-xx Part One.mp3 and Part Two.mp3 - 4 available

Tennessee Jed Sloane 45-08-10 Hoof And Mouth Disease.mp3 - 16 available