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Suspense Errors Page 2

51-12-24 Twas the Night before Christmas was  53-12-12 (Knights of the Roundtable reference)

55-04-12 The Lunch Kit was 49-06-09 The Lunch Kit. The 1955 episode stars Harry Bartell and is sustained. The 1949 episode stars John Lund and is sponsored by Autolite.

54-12-09 On a Lonely Road s/b On a Country Road

55-12-27 The Mystery of the Marie Celeste was 53-06-08  The 1955 version should star John Dehner. 

56-04-24 A Case of Nerves was 50-06-01 A Case of Nerves. The 1956 episode starred Parley Baer and is thought to be lost.

56-11-18 The Long Night was 56-11-25 The Man Who Stole The Bible

56-12-23 Back for Christmas was Holiday Story 48-12-23

57-09-15 Night on Red Mountain was  60-11-20 (news announcement reference to November 28 being a week away)

58-10-12 (772)The Treasure Chest of Don Jose was the 1952 show with J Carroll Naish

59-08-23 Headshrinker was from 58-10-25. It starred Nina Foch

English Psycho Murders, Highway Patrol, and Enormous Radio are not Suspense episodes.
Someone just added Suspense openings and closings on to them.

On A Country Road aired four times.

 The stars were:
Cary Grant 501116
Frank Lovejoy 540104
Harry Bartell 541209
Howard Duff 590510