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For a list of known missing Suspense shows see
Suspense Missing Shows

For a great Suspense date checking page see http://www.usfamily.net/web/wpattinson/otr/suspense/suslost.shtml

Recent research on Suspense has revealed that Suspense was broadcast on Thursdays (East Coast) and Mondays (West Coast) 1943 to September 1944. Previously, the Monday broadcasts were misdated as Thursday broadcasts.

The following information on the Monday-Thursday broadcasts is by Dr. Joe Webb.

"When Roma Wines started its sponsorship of Suspense in December 1943, the show was aired on two nights. The CBS network approximately up to the Rockies had a broadcast on Thursdays, and the CBS Pacific Network had a new performance of that script on Mondays. This lasted until mid-September 1944 when the show became a Thursday night fixture nationally. These are all of the recordings that have been identified and are now properly dated. There are still many missing recordings." The Monday - Thursday pairings are available at https://archive.org/details/SuspenseRoma43to44

42-07-29 Philomel Cottage was 43-10-07 (starring Orson Welles)

42-08-05 Finishing School was #072  431230 Finishing School (Both episodes starred Margo. end note of Finishing School - Next week Alan Ladd in One Way Ride to Nowhere)

42-08-12 Suspicion was 44-02-10 Suspicion (starring Charles Ruggles)

43-01-26 Death went Along for the Ride was 440427 Death Went Along For The Ride (starring Gene Kelly)

43-03-02 The Night Reveals was 49-05-26 (sponsored by Auto-Lite, starring Robert Young and Margo)

43-03-16 Cabin B-13 was 43-11-09 (starring Margo and Philip Durn)

43-04-27 The Diary Of Saphronia Winters was 44-08-17. The 1943 version is introduced by "The Man in Black" and includes comments about Collins and Moorehead's success in films that they are returning to radio for this episode. The 1944 version is sponsored by Roma Wines.

43-05-25 Sorry Wrong Number was 481125. The 1948 version was sponsored by Autolite and the next week's episode is The Screaming Woman.

43-05-25 Sorry Wrong Number. There are some MP3 files floating around that are labeled as “east coast” and “west coast” versions of the episode, with the “east coast” version containing the mistake and the “west coast” version done properly.  The “west coast” version is actually a fake - someone tacked on a correctly done ending from a performance done months later.  “Sorry, Wrong Number” was only presented once on May 25, 1943 on the network and it was not repeated at a special time for west coast listeners.

430821 Sorry Wrong Number was 440224. The next week's episode stars are Michele Morgan, Philip Dorn

44-09-28-44 Man Who Couldn't Lose was 47-12-12 b/c it stars Dan Duryea

45-06-14 Burning Court was 42-06-17 (starring Charles Ruggles)

46-01-10 This Was a Hero was Angel of Death 46-01-03

46-01-31 The Long Shot was My Dear Niece 46-01-24

46-02-14 Lucky Lady (alleged East Coast and West Coast versions were the same broadcast. Each had at
1:30 to 1:35 on each file, stumbling over the pronunciation of the name "Rehearsal House.")

46-10-17 The Man Who Thought He Was EG Robinson was from 48-09-30. End of show gives next week's show as Night Cry

46-10-17 The Man Who Wanted To Be Edward G Robinson s/b titled Man Who Thought He Was Edward G Robinson

47-12-19 Wet Saturday was 42-06-24 (second offering in a new series)

48-06-23 Ghost Hunt was 49-06-23

48-09-30 (309) Man Who Thought He Was EG Robinson s/b titled Man Who Wanted to be Edward G Robinson

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