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Singles Doubles v 2

41-12- 08_xxx_Adventure _Story.mp3 was Let's Sing and Swing from 12-12-08 (broadcast on NBC Red at 1330 with news of the declaration of war)

41-12- 08_xxxx_Adventure_Story.mp3 is apparently the second half of Let's Sing and Swing)

48-12-28 xxx American Forum Economic Forecast for 1949 turns out to be a kids show called Happy the Humbug 481228, with the open cut.

39-09-21_xxx_Americans_At_Work.mp3 is an episode for Women's Home Companion

39-09-21_xxxx_Americans_At_Work.mp3 is an episode of Sundial

47-09-11xxxAtHomeWithTheKirkwoods is mislabeled. It is Criminal at Large from 47-09-11 (Murder in Stone With Gerald Mohr)

50-01-09xxxBandDChucklewagon-FirstSong-OhCaterina.mp3 (64Kbps) is the Dave Garroway Show

Best Sellers 45-09-20 was John B. Kennedy

Bob Smith Show should be dated 47-08-25

47-04-26xxx Breakfast with Dorothy and D ick.mp3 s/b dated 47-05-09

Broadway Matinee 44-06-07 was Morning in Manhattan (same date)

By The People (12) The Burning of Washington.mp3 is mislabeled. It was By The People (47) Forest Fire.mp3

Career of Alice Blair 47-xx-xx007 and Career Of Alice Blair2.mp3 47-xx-xx008 - At least 3 exist in mp3

49-11-29xxxClub930. mp3 There at least 3 episodes of Club 930 available. This file is also misdated and should be dated 49-11-24. Note the reference to it being Thanksgiving.

xx-xx-xx136ColgateCavalcade1_ 64kb.mp3 was mislabeled. (This is the second file labeled Colgate Cavalcade). It was a closed circuit broadcast that I have seen labeled as Closed Circuit 52-11-26.mp3

Under C's, 49-09-21xxxTremaynesThe.mp3 was The Croupier (same date)

Under C's, 49-11-10xxxNBCLittleTheater.mp3 was Comedy Playhouse - School for Scandal (same date)

47-08-xx (001) David Street Show - Guest - George Jessel.mp3 s/b 47-08-08

45-04-22 (xxx) Drew Pearson Show.mp3 and 45-05-06 (xxx) Drew Pearson Show.mp3 There are at least 3 available in mp3

42-12-16 xxx Escape To Death.mp3 was a program called Black Castle. The program was not on in 1942. Radiogold gives a date of 43-12-16, but that is a Thursday and the show was on Tuesdays at 8 pm. So, let's call it 43-12-14 for lack of a better date.

52-12-28 (xxx) Forty Million - Friend Of The Bride.mp3 There are at least 3 available in mp3

From The Bookshelf Of The World - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - There are 7 episodes available in mp3

General Electric Program - Guest - Judy Garland 521030 There are at least 7 episodes available in mp3. This is the official name of the Bing Crosby Show from 1952 to 1954.

Gracie Fields Show - Guest - Jack Carson There are at least 5 episodes available in mp3

Gus Arnhein - First Song - It's Love + Gus Arnhein - First Song - You Really Started Something There are at least 16 shows of Gus Arnheim available in mp3
razzilla points out that Gus Arnheim is not a single or double

47-06-18 xxx Hollywood Trends.mp3 was Ford Showroom (same date).

47-06-18 xxxx Hollywood Trends.mp3 was Melody Souvenirs - WPQN Possum Song (same date).

Hawaiian Adventures - The Island of Hawaii - There are 4 available

razzilla points out that Jane Endicott, Reporter (the longer file) sounds like a preview of the Joe Lewis/Buddy Baer fight

40-04-21 xxx John Kirby Orchestra.mp3 s/b Flow Gently Sweet Rhythm

36-12-12 (xxx) Kaltenmeyer's Kindergarten - That's what I want for C.mp3 is a 4 minute clip. The full program is available.

47-07-23 (xxx) Kilroy & Prickley Pet - One Hundred Sixty Dollar Priz.mp3 - Pete is misspelled

41-05-25 (xxx) Little Man Outside.mp3 was Great Moments from Great Play 41-04-25 Dead End

43-11-20 (xxx) Leo Diamond Harmoonaires - First Song - Nobody's Swee.mp3 Harmonaires is misspelled

47-07-31 (xxx) The Listening Post.mp3 was Ladies Be Seated (same date)

47-11-07 (xxx) Life Can Be Beautiful - Close The Investigation.mp3 at least 3 available

50-05-06 (xxx) Fabulous Mr Manchester, The - Man Behind The Mystery.mp3 was Log of the Black Parrot (same date)

38-02-21 (xxxx) Melody Puzzlers.mp3 s/b Melody Puzzles

38-12-xx (xxxx) Melody Puzzles (38-02-21).mp3 was a poorer sounding copy of the above show

46-07-11 (xxxx) The Minstral Train - Auditiion.mp3 Minstrel and audition are misspelled

46-11-07 (xxxx) Minstrel Train, The.mp3 was Hail, the Champ (same date)

48-xx-xx (xxxx) Manhattan Playhouse - The Perfect Secretary.mp3 s/b 49-01-08

49-06-20 (xxxx) Mystery Award Theater - Pieces Of Eight.mp3 s/b Mystery Award Theater - Pieces Of Silver

49-11-02 (xxxx) Molly And The Captian - First Episode.mp3  - Captain is misspelled

38-xx-xx (0741) Monticello Party Line.mp3 and 38-xx-xx (0742)  Monticello Party Line (2).mp3 are not doubles. There are at least 10 of these available in mp3.

49-01-23 (xxxx) Mr Feathers - Do Unto Others.MP3 s/b dated 49-11-23

11-23 (0003) Mr Feathers - The Woman in the Case.mp3 s/b dated 50-01-07

28-05-15 ep xxxx NBC Eveready Hour was 491006 Pillsbury House Party

41-07-12 (xxxx) Nichols Family Of Five, The.mp3 was Miss Pinkerton, Inc. (same date)

42-01-07 (xxxx) Jane Endicott, Reporter - Girl Bites Dog.mp3 was Navy Relief 42-01-07 Promotion for Navy Relief Society.mp3

46-03-15 (xxxx) Navy Colt - Audition.mp3 was Johnny Fletcher Mystery - The Navy Colt 46-03-25

46-06-09 (xxxx) Hour Of Mystery - Journey Into Fear.mp3 was Nate Gross Show - Guest Jack Benny (same date)

47-08-23 (xxxx) Fantasy (Audition).mp3 was NBC Story Shop - Donald Duck's Vacation (same date)

47-10-15 (xxxx) New York Tonight.mp3 was Allen Prescott (same date)

49-11-10 (xxxx) N B C Little Theater.mp3 was Comedy Playhouse (same date)

51-06-05 (xxxx) New Theater - After Many A Summer Dies The Swan.mp3 s/b dated 51-07-29. end credit Robert Merrill guest on NBC Symphony followijng broadcast

xx-xx-xx (xxxx) NBC Twenty-fifth Anniversary Broadcast.mp3 s/b 51-xx-xx

Under O's, 41-12-07 (xxxx) Captain Flagg And Sergeant Quirt.mp3 was Over Our Coffee Cups (same date)

45-01-28 Open House  - Nylon Stockings.mp3 s/b dated 46-01-28. This is based on news items mentioned in the show and confirmed through newspaper articles in the NYT.

47-02-28 (xxxx) Date Night.mp3 was Out of This World (same date)

39-09-21 (xxxx) Americans At Work.mp3 was The Parker Family (same date)

42-01-07 (xxxx) Jane Endicott, Reporter - Girl Bites Dog.mp3 was Navy Relief 42-01-07 Promotion for Navy Relief Society.mp3

46-12-25 (xxxx) Purple Heart Album - First Song - Santa Claus Is Com.mp3 was Christmas in America (same date) (date may be from 1947)

48-12-29 (xxxx) Mr Chameleon - The Perfect Maid Murder Case.mp3 was Poole's Parlor (same date)

47-01-14 (xxxx) Virginia Marvin (Audition).mp3 was P.A.L. Show (47-01-04)

xx-xx-xx (xxxx) Pet Milk Cookbook.mp3 was Mary L. Taylor 39-09-21

44-07-10 (xxxx) Paul Winchell And Jerry Mahone.mp3 Mahone s/b Mahoney

46-04-27 (xxxx) Shriner Special.mp3 was Phone Again, Finnegan (same date)

38-05-31 (xxxx) Say It With Words - In Your Hat.mp3 was Recital in Swingtime (same date)

38-11-20 (xxxx) Song Search.mp3 was Ray Kinney and his Native Hawaiians 38-11-20 Live from the  Hawaiian Room (same date)

40-09-29 (xxxx) Emergency Funds Appeal .mp3 was Columbia Square Presentation - Presentation of  Bronze Tablet (same date)

45-11-22 (xxxx) Americans at Thanksgiving.mp3 was Raising a Husband (same date)

46-06-26 (xxxx) Fourth Estate - The Tip-Off.mp3 was Rosemary (same date)

46-07-14 (xxxx) Harvest Of Stars - Moby Dick.mp3 was Ronny Mansfield - What Are You Doing The  Rest of Your Life 45-07-14 (announces Saturday)

46-07-18 (xxxx) Ronnie Mansfield - My Pet Brunette (ending clipped).mp3 was Ronny Mansfield  45-07-18 (announces Wednesday) (spelling used in LA Times radio listings)

46-12-30 (xxxx) Bob Gadbury and The News.mp3 was Reveille Roundup - The Rain in Rio (same date)

47-06-17 (xxxx) Special Investigator - The Fake Diploma Mill.mp3 was Raymond Paige Show - No  Respect For a Lady (48-09-10) (date from NYT radio listing)

48-03-15 (xxxx) Henry J Taylor - Rattlesnake.mp3 was Renfrew of the Mounted (date uncertain)

48-04-27 (xxxx) Joseph Enos.mp3 was Roger Kilgore, Public Defender - George Brown (same date)

xx-xx-xx (0128) Roger Gale.mp3 s/b called In The Air with Roger Gale

xx-xx-xx (0129) Roger Gale (2).mp3 s/b called In The Air with Roger Gale

42-07-05 (xxxx) Star Spangled Vaudeville.mp3 was Homage to George Gershwin 42-07-04

42-10-09 (xxxx) Stump The Experts.mp3 was Information Please (same date) with Gregory Ratoff (many available)

44-01-18 (xxxx) Star For A Night.mp3 s/b dated 44-01-19

44-11-26 (xxxx) Stop or Go (1).mp3 was Music in the Foster Fashion (same date)

45-04-15 (xxxx) Sunday Serenade.mp3 at least 10 available in mp3

45-09-16 (xxxx) Smoke Dreams.mp3 was Musical Autographs (same date)

46-04-27 (xxxx) Shriner Special.mp3 was Three Hundred Party (same date)

46-09-24 (xxxx) Stories Of The Bible.mp3 s/b Story of the Bible

47-06-27 (xxxx) Story for Tonight - Miracle Man (1).mp3 was San Francisco Unlimited (same date)

47-xx-xx (xxxx) Special Investigator - The Fake Diplomia Mill.mp3 - Diploma is misspelled

Sports Answer Man - at least 3 available

49-10-26 (xxxx) Steve Allen Show - Guest - Al Jolson.mp3 s/b 49-10-19 Date confirmed via article  in L.A. Times re Al Jolson's movie premiere

50-02-18 (xxxx) Saturday at the Shamrock - Guests - Chico, Harpo Mar.mp3 - at least 6 available  in mp3

51-08-21 (xxxx) Strike It Rich.mp3 - at least 3 available in mp3

Under the S's, 54-07-26 (0058) Don Gray, Marine Investigator #1.mp3 was San Francisco Final

55-xx-xx (0042) Strange - Phantom Wagoneer.mp3 - at least 8 available in mp3

xx-xx-xx (0002) Schooner Conquest - Island Emeralds (2).mp3 was a duplicate of Singles & Doubles  Collection xx-xx-xx (0001) Schooner Conquest - Island Emeralds (2).mp3

xx-xx-xx (0052) Stars And Stripes Forever - The Spirt of Saint Louis.mp3 - Spirit is misspelled

xx-xx-xx (xxxx) Silver Eagle, The - Decoy for Death.mp3 is a duplicate of Singles & Doubles  Collection 54-07-20 (xxxx) Silver Eagle - Decoy For Death (2).mp3

xx-xx-xx (xxxx) Star Spangled Theater - The Gypsy's Hand (2).mp3 - at least 3 available in mp3. Should be dated 41-08-03.

xx-xx-xx (xxxx) Stars On Parade - It pays to Adventise.mp3 - Advertise is misspelled. s/b dated 51-08-17

4x-xx-xx (xxxx) Take It Or Leave It.mp3 at least 5 episodes of this show are available in mp3, so it should be deleted. This one is from 42-11-08 with guest Jack Benny.

45-09-14 (xxxx) Ted Malone.Mp3 s/b labeled Between the Bookends and is already in
the collection under that name

49-06-25 (xxxx) This Is Paris - Guest - Eddie Cantor.mp3
at least 13 episodes of this show are available in mp3

epxxxx Today's Children.mp3 s/b dated 49-05-09. 4 available in mp3

50-03-10 (xxxx) Up For Parole - Case Of John Newton.mp3 is not a single or double. There are about 10 available.

47-11-13 (xxxx) Virginia Greg - Audition.mp3 could be the actress Virginia Gregg (note two g's), but the woman calls herself Virginia Marvin.

47-05-18 (xxxx) Voice Of Freedom.mp3 was Just a Dream (same date)

Wanted - Cop Killer Of The West - at least 6 available in mp3. This one is dated 50-08-18

46-09-04 (xxxx) Western Trails.mp3 was Western Stars (same date)

50-01-20 (xxxx) Wizard Of Odds, The.mp3 was Leave It To Joan (same date)

47-01-20 (xxxx) Your Land And Mine (1).mp3 was a copy of the Kenny Baker Show from the same date.

Adventures of Zorro - 5 available in mp3 at http://www.archive.org/details/AdventuresOfZorro