Audio recordings: Andrew Hsiu. (2017). Motang audio word list. Zenodo.
Word list in Mondzish lexical database (2017)

Recorded on May 6, 2015.

"Motang" (or "Mosang" or "Motangsang" [mo²¹taŋ²¹saŋ⁵¹]) is spoken by only 6 elderly speakers in the single village of Longtan 龙潭, Guangnan County, Yunnan, China. Middle-aged speakers do not remember any phrases. The ethnic group is also called Laoben 老本族 or Black Yi 黑彝族.

My Informant was Chen Wanjin 陈万金. Chen is a native of Dagulu and grew up speaking the Dagulu language, but moved to Longtan when he was 15 for "economic reasons."

The names of all the remaining Motang speakers are as follows.
  • 陈万金 Chen Wanjin
  • 宗志倍 Zong Zhipei
  • 宗志塘 Zong Zhitang
  • 王文义 Wang Wenyi
  • 王文针 Wang Wenzhen
  • 农兴兰 Nong Xinglan
There are two clans in the village.
  • Chen 陈 clan (Mauphu speakers of Dagulu): from Yingtian Prefecture of Nanjing 南京应天府
  • Wang 王 clan (Motang speakers of Longtan): from Luoping County 罗平县
Mauphu and Motang are closely related languages.