Biao Min (Guanyang)

Audio recordings (Biao Min of Jiantang): Andrew Hsiu. (2017). Biao Min (Jiangtang) audio word list. Zenodo.
Audio recordings (Biao Min of Baizhuping): Andrew Hsiu. (2017). Biao Min (Baizhuping) audio word list. Zenodo.
Transcribed word lists (selected words): Hsiu, Andrew. 2017. Mienic lexical isogloss database. m.s.

On May 2, 2013, I visited two Biao Min villages of Guanyang County, Guangxi, China.

The dialects are reported to be mutually intelligible. However, this language is undocumented, and is unintelligible with Biao Min of Dongshan Township, Quanzhou County, Guangxi located just to the north.

Dialect 1:
  • Mifengshan 蜜蜂山, Jiangtang 江塘村, Shuiche Township 水车乡, Guanyang County

Dialect 2:
  • Baizhuping 白竹坪, Wenshi Township 文市乡, Guanyang County
  • Xiamashan 下马山, Xieshui Village 斜水村, Dongshan Township 东山乡, Quanzhou County (reported as the same dialect by speakers in Baizhuping; I did not have a chance to visit Xiamashan)
Both dialects of Biao Min (or rather, "Biao Mi" as adapted from their own autonym bjɔ⁵³mi³³) faithfully preserve Proto-Mienic *-uŋ as -uŋ in words such as 'rain' and 'bone', whereas Proto-Mienic *-uŋ is reflected as -uə in Dongshan Biao Min and -iɔŋ in Shikou Biao Min. Cl- consonant clusters are also generally preserved.

Guanyang Biao Min appears to be intermediate between Dongshan Biao Min and Shikou Biao Min. Hence, the internal classification of Biao Min is as follows.
  1. Dongshan Biao Min (or Biao Min proper)
  2. Guanyang Biao Min
      1. Jiangtang dialect
      2. Baizhuping dialect
  3. Shikou Biao Min ("Moyou")
  4. Niuweizhai Biao Min ("Moxi")

Overall, my tentative internal classification of Mienic is:

  1. Zao Min
  2. Biao Min
    1. Dongshan Biao Min
    2. Guanyang Biao Min
    3. Shikou Biao Min
    4. Niuweizhai Biao Min
  3. Mun-Mien
    1. Kim Mun
    2. Iu Mien