Audio recordings: Andrew Hsiu. (2017). Meang audio word list. Zenodo.
Transcribed word list (2014)
Word list in Mondzish lexical database (2017)

On April 24, 2013,  I documented the Meang language of Dala 达腊, Napo County, Guangxi, China. Meang is also spoken in nearby Nianbi 念毕, which is a village part of the Dala village cluster / administrative village. My informant was Chen Mingxiu 陈明秀 (born January 12, 1958; female). She reported that the language is spoken only in Dala and Nianbi.

Meang is spoken in Napo County, Guangxi, near the border with Vietnam’s Cao Bang province.

The Napo County Almanac 那坡县志 reports that there are two branches of Yi in Napo County, Guangxi Province, namely the White Yi and Red Yi. The White Yi (白彝) are also locally called the White Lolo (白倮倮), High Trouser-Legged Yi (高裤脚彝), Skirt-Trouser Yi (裙裤彝), with the autonym Mángzuǒ (芒佐). The White Yi are reported to live in and around Nàlóng (那隆乡) in the villages of  Dálà (达腊), Niànbì (念毕), Zhěxiáng (者祥), Yánhuá (岩华), Pōbào (坡报), Dáwàng (达汪), and Xiàmeyào (下么要).

The Red Yi (红彝) are also called the Red-Headed Yi (红头彝) or Flower-Waisted Yi (花腰彝), with autonyms Mángjí (芒集) or Miējí (乜集). According to the Napo County Almanac, they reside in and around Xiàhuá Township (下华乡) in the villages of Pōwǔ (坡五) and Pōkāngtún (坡康屯).

A man in the village also played the Meang mouth organ for me, which I took videos of (available on my YouTube channel).

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