Montgomery County

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"How will we hold our local city government accountable?" Team Gaithersburg explores proposed cell towers in the Westleigh section of the City of Gaithersburg.



 North Potomac Citizens Association

"Since 1988, North Potomac Citizens Association (NPCA) has been proudly serving as the eyes, ears, and voice of the North Potomac, MD constituency."

The association new page on neighborhood cell towers. 

Montgomery County Coalition To Protect Neighborhoods 


Montgomery County Coalition

for the Control of Cell Towers


Residents Against 5G Small Cell Towers - Montgomery County, Maryland

Small Cells ZTA Montgomery County: Mini Cell Towers In Front of Our Homes

Tech Wise Montgomery County, MD

Our Health and Safety Is Not Negotiable

Regional scope


5G Free California

Education, Outreach and Action to Keep Topanga and California 5G Free


Arizonans For Safe Technology

Protecting Neighborhoods through better, safer technologies.

Citizens for 5G Awareness

STOP the DEPLOYMENT of 5G in Our Country!

Floridians for Safer Technology

Monitors the Telecom Industry and promotes Safer Technology.

Massachusetts for Safe Technology

New Hampshire for Safe Technology


Protect one of the world’s greatest natural treasures from a looming telecom takeover 

Unsafe at Any G™

Petaluma, CA

Virginians for safe tech



5G Crisis

The science is clear.

The risk is undeniable.

Includes examples for informing your local officials, community and neighbors.


BroadBand International Legal Action Network (BBILAN)

National Website:

Offers a PATH to FIND WISE and BALANCED SOLUTIONS for the Global Challenges of Over-Exposure to Electromagnetic Field Radiation. Our goal is to build a safe and resilient 21st Century Critical Infrastructure here on Earth and in Outer Space.




Advocacy based on Scientists' research of the hazards of pulsed, data-modulated, Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation


Physicians for Safe Technology


Wireless is toxic pollution. 

Wire America


5G Appeal

European focused organization.



5G International Lawyers Action Network (5G•ILAN)

Maintains transcripts of international lawyers discussing strategies against 5G.


Northern Rivers for Safe Technology is an Australian-based movement campaigning for health, safety and well-being around 5G and other technologies.


Safe Tech International

We did not ask for a world where every person, “thing”, event, and moment in time is connected to the internet.

Stop 5G

Our goal is to be protected when connected

We ask the EU to make regulation that will protect our health, nature, environment and privacy.

Work in Progress

Californians for Safe Technology 

Is  a coalition of grassroots leaders throughout California working with community members on local, state, and national issues regarding safe technology using awareness and education.

Education, Outreach, Support, and Action to Keep Virginia Safe from Harmful Technology.


Understanding EMFs

This site represents one concerned citizen's attempt to organize the information available on this issue.