Tethering a Smart Phone

How to hardwire your smart phone.

I though you needed an adapter to wire your phone to the internet. I have learned you do not need an adapter. A better way is use your power cable to connect to your computer. Most power cables split into a connector to your phone and a usb connector to you power outlet. Connect this cable to you computer just like you would to transfer pictures. Next, you configure your computer to act as a hotspot. I believe this technique will work for all smart phones.

Use a second male to female usb cable to extend the length of you power cable

Windows 10 Tethering


macOS tethering -- I have the original iPhone SE ios 13.6.1 and with macOS 10.13.6.

    1. click on the mac icon in the upper left > System Preferences ... > Sharing

    2. If "To computers using:" devices is greyed out, you must uncheck "Internet Sharing"

    3. In the "To computers using:" table of check boxes, click on "iPhone USB" checkbox

    4. Check "Internet Sharing"

Here is how it should look when set up.

I stumbled across the "iPhone USB" setting by accident three weeks ago. For a forgotten reason, I happened to visit the sharing pane. I then connected my the USB power cable to my mac. Worked well. Worked better than the adapter I previously used. For some reason, the connection failed once. To solve, write down any communications setting you may have on your iphone. A full backup of your phone is a good idea. Go into iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings communication settings. Reboot computer and phone. Multiple boot may be needed. It's been working for ten days now. The connection failure may have been due to my mixing of an ethernet adapter and a USB connection.

You may get a warning message when some apps start and check for an ethernet connection. Ignore. Don't go into settings. The wired connection via USB will still work. I leave my iPhone in airplane mode. You can still connect to the internet in airplane mode. My carrier doesn't allow internet calling. boohoo. So, I cannot try calling nor texting. To try on the iPhone Settings > Cellular > Wi-Fi Calling > W-Fi Calling on This iPhone.

I got great data speed on my Fios 100mbs.