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Montgomery County Cell Towers

Cell Tower request for Permit Map -- main mapper

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What you see is the sites of cell tower request for permit. For each area you see a marker the application could have had outcomes or "Actions" such as "Recommended", "Not recommended", "Withdrawn", "Tabled" etc. So in the current tower map might be more accurately described as a map with markers showing where applications have been submitted/

You will find more information on each tower in this database.

Map of Montgomery County street lights

There was a move in the fall of 2018 to figure out how far all the street lights were from Montgomery County homes. The idea was to figure out what the maximum distance a cell tower could be away from a home and yet have a cell tower every 500 feet in residential zones.

Examine cell tower database. Click on the second button to download the excel file.

Work permits in the utility rights-of-way

obsolete Contains the 2015 proposed "DAS" towers in Germantown and North Potomac

National Cell Tower Maps

National Search for wireless antennas by street address