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The ugly side of 5G: New cell towers spoil the scenery and crowd people’s homes

But they don’t mention that it also means installing vastly more equipment, including cell towers, in ugly and intrusive ways.


Allowing Unfettered Access to Build Cell Towers in the Name of 5G Is Bad Policy

While the entire process has completely ignored the will and needs of Montgomery County residents, it is also antithetical to the county’s declared climate emergency and goal of zero carbon emissions by 2035.

Prepare for the Cell Tower Invasion into our Neighborhoods

Can you imagine waking up to a cell tower outside of your bedroom window?

The Montgomery County Council is about to subsidize wireless companies instead of protecting public health

The judges found the FCC “ignored” science on long-term exposures (such as what as we would get from cell towers in front of our homes), the distinct vulnerability of children and the harm to wildlife.

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