First Responder 911

Next Generation 911 -- NG911

  • Lyft and Uber have no problem finding you, so the first responder network should be doing whatever Lyft and Uber is doing. The deal is that your cell phone knows where you are. The problem is that getting that the location data to the 911 call center.

Next Generation 911 [NG911] is the 911 equivalent to what Lyft and Uber does. Incorporates geospatial data to provide call routing based on the caller's actual location, thereby leading to fewer misrouted calls, saving time and potentially lives. Thus negating the need to geolocate off of cell towers.

Montgomery County is working on NG911. It's in the implementation stage...

  • The implementation of NG911 will enhance emergency number services to create a faster, more resilient system.


The FirstNet mission is to deploy, operate, maintain, and improve the first high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. AT&T has gotten the contract to up towers and install antennas. AT&T will be using both dedicated spectrum in crowded urban areas and existing 4G LTE. These towers are being built in Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones at February 2021 MCCF meeting stated FirstNet would become operational in March of 2021

Wireless Industry Abandons National Emergency Address Database Feb 18, 2020

Prioritize 911 calls

Give calls to 911 a higher priority than regular calls. This will take action by FCC and cell phone companies.

Cell phone calls are already prioritize. Senior government official have the ability to prioritize their calls.

Emergency response personal can prioritize their official calls.