Gaithersburg's March 4, 2019 changes to rights-of-way usage.

Gaithersburg combines all right-of-way paragraphs to one regulation. There is a section on small cell towers. This means cell towers have to follow all general rights-of-way rules. Additional control of cell towers is found in the Master License Agreement. Presence of antennas and cell tower in the rights-of-way is controlled by street type not area zoning.

Gaithersburg encourages cell tower companies to place cell tower on arterial roads. Gaithersburg council talked of giving a discount to place antennas on city owned sixty-foot light poles. These lights are common on arterial roads in Gaithersburg.

approved Regulation No. 02-17 on December 18, 2017

Regulation No. 02-17 is hereby repealed and the following Regulations for installations in rights-of-way located within the incorporated City limits of Gaithersburg as provided by Chapter of the City Code entitled "Administration" (see attached) hereinafter set forth shall become effective upon adoption of this Regulation.

Chapter 2 of the City Code entitled "Administration" (revised March 4, 2019) Page 1