Montgomery County Council
100 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850

November 11, 2019

Dear Councilmembers,

On behalf of 350 Montgomery County, I am writing regarding Zoning Text Amendment 19-07, Telecommunications Towers - Limited Use (ZTA 19-07) which is designed to revise standards in the use of ‘certain’ cell towers in ‘certain’ residential zones to support the proliferation of 5G technology in our County.

It is stated in the Introduction Memorandum that the sponsors of ZTA 19-07 foresee tremendous opportunities for ‘innovation and advancement’ in ‘many sectors’ from the increased capabilities of wireless technologies afforded by these new regulations. While it's certainly possible that our local economy could benefit from increased connectivity, we are concerned and alarmed that the County Council is not taking into account that the logarithmic expansion of digital technology would likely be accompanied by a similar growth in power consumption.

350 Montgomery County has recently advocated for the County to undergo a climate impact assessment of every County legislative or regulatory action. Since we are in a climate emergency, as declared by the County’s 2017 Resolution, a carbon audit would seem to be a minimal condition on such a major expansion. Therefore, due to the lack of consideration of the carbon consequences of ZTA 19-07, we stand in opposition to its passage.


Kristin Cook

On Behalf of the 350 Montgomery County Steering Committee