5G Protest Day

mocoSafeG.org Global 5G Protest Day

December 20, 2020


Calling For Safe Technology &

a Halt to 5G


While around the world protests are taking place about all kinds of injustices, the satellites (c.100,000 now planned or approved!) are being shot up into the sky, locking us into an inescapable, Planetary Surveillance Grid. 5G is the spider in the web - take that out and the rest will fall. Wait and it will be too late and we will find ourselves corralled into cyber space, tracked and zapped 24/7, and with the Natural World languishing — all predicated on the proliferation of 5G wireless technology.

Saturday, September 26th, is Global 5G Protest Day. To stop the crime unfolding above our heads and on the ground, we will need millions on the streets that day. Please join in! It doesn't matter if your event is small, for many small events make one big! :)

If we don’t speak out now, the world as we know and cherish it, will be a distant memory of the past, perhaps recalled only by AI. Each and every one of us is urgently needed.

Events on the Global 5G Protest Day can take many different shapes, sizes, and forms — From big to small, our future depends on All!

A petition, seminar, webinar, flashmob; An artistic creation, video, letters to ICNIRP, an Open Letter to Environmental organizations; Or even just a gathering in your home (or on Zoom) to discuss what a Safe Technology Future might look like.

What’s crucial now is for us all to awaken from the 5G “consensus trance” and to halt this unprecedented technological trespass.

Most of us are not asking to return to the “stone age” or to a world void of technology, but rather we are insisting on a more sustainable technological future -- One that respects health, the Environment, and human dignity. Only then can our technology future be termed “progress”.

We are calling for Safe Technology, not 5G. A world where technology enhances, not enslaves; where the right to live safely in one’s home and neighborhood takes precedence over corporate gain; where short-term thinking is replaced by long-term planning that prioritizes planetary well-being; and where satellite deployment is halted and we can once again partake of our common heritage – the unobstructed skies.

Safe Technology (aka SafeG) means wired technology to every home and business with the idea of reducing exposure to wireless radiation over time. Mobile would then be used primarily for essential services only, such as emergency alert, text messages and short cellphone calls, reserving safer wired connections for the bulk of all internet and cellphone traffic.

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Following are some resources that may prove useful in planning events.

1. A gift to the world from Professor Olle Johansson, Tanja Rebel, and Brian McGavin:

Global 5G protest warns of health and ecological costs Sept. 5th, 2020 | Johansson O, Rebel TK, McGavin B. | Newsvoice

"The drive by tech giants to develop artificial intelligence envisages every facet of our lives dominated by 5G networks. The media paints it as the technology of the future but 5G is invading the public domain without public oversight."


2. Rally cry for Global Protest Day

Tanja Katarina Rebel talks 5G (20 minutes video)

This heartfelt interview covers many aspects of the 5G campaign touching on health, wildlife, surveillance, energy consumption, and the need to reconnect with one another and the Natural World. Tanja urges people to speak out and take action now as we can no longer afford to wait.


3. Banner template for Protest Day and beyond

Banner: "For a Viable Planet” (Available in all languages. No cost)

Here is an easy and upbeat action we can all take on the occasion of the September 26th Global 5G Protest Day and beyond. We encourage everyone, everywhere, to place a banner/flag in a window, balcony, on a car, bicycle, wherever, so we can create a visible presence around the world showing care for our planet and a call to stop 5G. The text on the banner reads, “For a viable planet, Stop 5G.” There are four versions of the banner: French, English, German, and Italian. (Courtesy Maud and Team)