Council Letter #3

To: Montgomery County Council


I am writing to request that you vote against ZTA 19-07, which would allow densified 4G and new 5G “small cell" microwave radiation antennas in residential areas of Montgomery County. I oppose deploying untested, ultra-high frequency microwave radiation in Montgomery County.


I am writing to request that you publicly oppose and vote against ZTA 19-07, which would allow deployment of intensified 4G and new 5G “small cell” microwave radiation antennas in residential areas of Montgomery County. I support a fiber optic, wired-based “pole to property” solution as the more secure, cheaper, faster technical solution without health risks.

The 4G microwave radiation infrastructure and devices have more than 2,000 scientific and medical studies documenting harm to people, wildlife, and plants. This radiation is especially harmful to children and other medically vulnerable citizens of our county.

The new 5G technology includes ultra-high frequency millimeter microwave radiation, which has higher energy per square meter and greater capacity for harm to people and the environment than 4G. No safety studies have established a level at which this frequency is safe, and 5G includes 4G which we know is dangerous.

The proposed 4G/5G antennas and their networks will have harmful effects in many areas: human health, especially children, climate, the ecosystem in general, privacy invasion, cyber security, and reduced property values. The insurance industry has calculated the medical risks are too high to cover, so the proposed wireless infrastructure of towers, antennas, poles, and supporting equipment in Montgomery County would have no insurance coverage. Other nations and cities are rejecting 5G and “small cell” antennas due to these harmful effects. A recent activation of 5G in Switzerland was reversed as many people became sick immediately.

Alternatives exist with wired networks such as fiber optic, known as “SafeG”. Fiber optic is already in place in many areas. It has no health risks, and the service is documented in locally-owned networks to be much faster, cheaper, more energy efficient, while providing more reliable data integrity and protecting privacy. Wired internet also remains subject to local regulatory control.

Furthermore, the U.S. District Court of Appeals found the Federal Communications Commission was “arbitrary and capricious” in exempting 5G infrastructure from health, environmental, and historic preservation review, and is thereby under judicial order not to proceed with enforcement of their requirement that local jurisdictions pass legislation such as ZTA 19-07. United Keetoowah Band vs FCC, August 9, 2019.

Protection of our safety, health, and environment is the primary purpose of our government and of your representation of us, the electorate. We ask you to table this bill until all medical, scientific, and legal issues are resolved, and the proposed technology, infrastructure, and devices are proven safe for all Montgomery County citizens, our environment, and the core values of our society.


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