is a group of residents who value safer technology, safer internet access and safer cell phone service for people who people who live, work, shop or visit in Montgomery County, MD.  We value wired and fiber technology infrastructure where available. We encourage critical thinking about how 4G and 5G cell antennas, cell poles and cell towers have been and will be placed in environments where human life, animal life and plant life co-exist.

Montgomery Council members want to place cell towers in folks front yard. Voice opposition to ZTA 19-07.

Our 11 Fact Sheets refute wireless industry's sales claims.

Great Seneca cell tower


Cell tower companies are proposing to install thousands of new cell towers in residential neighbor-hoods of Montgomery County, Maryland and make significant modifications to existing street lights.


These towers would be:

  1. Part of a Distributed Area System (DAS), meaning they would work together to provide coverage
  2. 25-50 feet tall, >8 inch diameter steel poles bearing 300+ pound antennas each
  3. Placed in Right-of-Ways in neighborhoods with no above-ground utilities
  4. Permitted in yards of residential homes
  5. Close as 30 feet from home
  6. Located approximately 200 yards apart throughout neighborhoods
  7. Permitted to be modified (enlarged) once installed

Simulated cell tower


No "small" cell towers (DAS) placed in neighborhoods with underground utilities. What's hard to understand? "All underground utilities" means no above-ground cell towers.

Fiber optic is already in place in many areas. It has no health risks, and the service is documented to be much faster, cheaper, more energy efficient while providing more reliable data integrity and protecting privacy. Wired internet also remains subject to local regulatory control.

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