Pacifica is a varied land of lush farmlands, arid steppe, coastal ports and vast ruins beckoning to the foolhardy. The Nations that should be the most powerful are riven by internal weakness and beset by chaos of the time. That has left room for the second tier powers like Koos, Medford, Prince Rupert, Portland and remarkably The Republic of the Lower Colorado to have a much greater 'say' in who dominates whom. Everyone expects Cascadia or California to one day become the regional superpowers, but until now that has gone from 'any day now' to 'real soon' to 'well, it seems that would makes sense'. 

But until that day, the region will be dominated by Koos merchants and traders from Portland and Colorado.

Image of Greater Cascadia

In The Beginning, the World Ends:

  • The Great Boat Lift rescues thousands from the city proper as technology fails, but most sit in place and wait for federal relief which never comes. The refugees are the kernel for several new communities throughout the Puget Sound region. +

  • Vaushon, Anderson, Fox, Bainbridge, Whidby and others become centers for civilizational survival. Those who remain in the metro centers wither starve or resort to cannibalism to survive.-

  • Park Rangers, outdoors-men and scout leaders lead groups out into the wilderness and mountain regions to help survive. People of Issaquah make for coal caverns and other little known places in the mountains. +

  • The rise of a 'profane mass' in which the rituals of Christianity are corrupted by cannibal tribes. -

  • Elon Musks' rapid commuter project in Seattle Metro creates a series of tunnels connecting what will become communities in the future. +

  • People stuck in the transit tunnels survive, and give rise to 'Morlocks' underground dwelling, sonar using cannibals that infest the deep places of the region. -

  • Hanford kills the Tri-Cities region. -

  • Portland and the rest of the northern Willamette Valley is wiped from the map by sequential damn destruction on on the Columbia and Willamette. There are a few survivors in bomb shelters and other high points who congregate around Old St. John's Cathedral which miraculously survived. +

  • People of Ellensburg and other areas around Yakima are able to survive the collapse thanks to the cascades providing a block for the fallout coming from the west. +

  • Durio Murco,Chief Scientist and Engineer at Bremerton Naval Yard, infects his family and close friends with a nano virus that gives them certain advantages (techno savvyness) and problems (identifying physical characteristics) but in the mean helps them to survive the apocalypse. The result is the creation of the 'Soulless'. \

The Starving Times:

  • The seas complete their rise within a generation of the collapse. \

  • A few survivors in Seattle set up a walled compound on Capitol hill they call Emerald City. +

  • Survivors in the University district are able to use experimental alge vats for food and energy, allowing a small community to survive. \

  • West Seattle becomes a dead zone with mutated physical resistant 'creatures' that inhabit the area from Whitecenter to Des Moines. -

  • Orcas become a nearly universal totemic symbol for the Sound region. +

  • Astoria is one of the few communities to survive the collapse. The rising floodwaters force the people who live at the waterfront to move back by the Astoria Column. Farms develop around Mill Creek. More importantly people save old old world bi-masted clipper plans and sailing ships from here and there. Result is a maritime nation surviving on fishing, agriculture and trade – while isolated enough to avoid most external challenges. +

  • The Clans of Mount Hood destroy several settlements on the Willamette in search of 'Paradise'. Eventually repulsed by Portlanders. -

  • Tobia Mercy rises as High King of all Yakima, establishing a Post Rapture Christian Monarchy while also setting up border posts to the north, south and east. The Knights of the Valley have the use of some old work personal weapons tech to help protect the valley. \

  • Walla Walla is re-founded by former prisoners from the Washington State Penitentiary and co-ed 'volunteers' from Walla Walla University. The penitentiary compound becomes a fortified citadel for the self styled Overking of the East. The Overking sends successive waves of monted raiders from Walla Walla thought the region is search of loot and booty. -

  • Spirits of the 'Kennewick Man” roam the region, killing non-natives. -

The Return of Civilization:

  • The Space Needle remains intact and becomes a religious monument for the Sound region. Pilgrims journey to it seeking “enlightenment” and those who emerge are 'changed'. \

  • A group of naturalists survive the collapse on Cape Dissapointment, and take on a extreme 'Human Extinction Movement' outlook. They create a honeytrap with their Bed and Breakfast and survive on the abundant human resources that come to their islands looking for salvation. -

  • Doctors, nurses and a few patients emerge from the shelter within the Virginia Mason hospital complex to create a safe compound in the middle of old town Seattle. Eventually this would give rise to the Holy Order of Mendicant Virgins, dedicated to the healing arts. Only savages would accost members of the Order – setting a standard for healers being able to move freely though the region, up to and including active battlefields. +

  • The Sylvans of Saddleback Mountain (The People of the Nekanekem) limit Astorian growth and their ability to expand farming and timber interests. \

  • The 'Sirens of the Mother Ocean' emerge on Whidby island. They have power over Storms, Orca and other elements though Song. +

  • Repeated wars between the cannibal/savages of Old Seattle and the civilized lands occurring throughout the Sound. -

  • The Soulless find themselves hunted by Orca packs, Raptors and nature itself throughout the region whenever they venture beyond their artificial habitats. \

  • Morlocks band together under Rogalk of the Leviathans declaring war on the Surface dwellers. This increases the danger of tunnel travel, and results in the destruction of the Lynwood and Sammamish communities. -

  • Survivors of Aberdeen, Ocean Shores and the Quinault Reservation create new communities and the nation of Grey's Harbor comprised of Mopang Creek, Greytown (Central Park) and John's River. Communities build on timber, fishing, and trade with the inlanders of Centralia. +

  • Farming / port community of Rochester Cetralia founded. +

  • Elves of Lothlorien” Nation of Animist shape shifters discovered in Silver Falls (formerly Oregon). +

  • Kamloops and Prince George becomes the “Land of Milk and Honey” . Crops grow easily, herds grow fat, in short nothing interesting happened in the Frazier plateau. +

  • A group near Mount Rainer follow a group of 'Dryads' protecting the region. +

  • Astoria becomes part of Greater Portland. \

  • The Giant Sitka Spruce of the Olympics becomes a holy symbol of forest clans of the peninsula. +

  • Port Hardy and Port Rupert survive to create New Columbia. These peple take the symbol of the Kenmode Bear (spirit bear) of the region. Eventually they will ally with the Salish against Hai Da and Northmen of Juneau. +

  • Portland, after unifying with Astoria, uses Astorian shipping to radically expand their merchant marine and supplement their cross Columbia Channel settlements – setting up future conflict with Centralia. +

  • A Shinto temple survives the Collapse my relocating in the old community of Forest Grove. The descendants of some of the original settlers of Oregon are at first reluctant but eventually grow to applicate the martial and spiritual teaching of the monks. +

  • More shenanigans from Prosser against Yakima. -

  • Radiation clouds and refugees avoid Leavenworth allowing them to become a walled compound, leading to their descendants to gradually push do the the edge of the Yakima Valley. Eventually they resettle Wenatachee as New Prussia with all that implies. +

  • The Coleville nation prospers as the salmon return to the region. At first traditionalists try force them to resume a nomadic lifestyle, but the constant conflict with abhumans, mutants and other things forces them to fortify their region. They retain their connection with horses and semi-nomadic ways, resulting in horse clans becoming a major threat throughout the Columbia Basin. \

  • Perpetual warfare between the Olympic Sylvan clans and Soulless settlements in the area resulting in perpetual racial enmity. -

  • Crater Lake becomes a haven for 'mages' with a large citadel constructed on Wizard Island. +

  • The Oregon Vortex in Siskiyou lands becomes a nexus for supernatural and paranormal activity, isolating settlements in the Evans and Sardine Creek valleys. -

Invasions of the Northmen:

  • Rise of the Koos Mercantile Empire. \

  • Portland settlers build a series of walls across the Columbia peninsula to protect their city from raiders and barbarians. Eventually they will build the Great Parapet along what was once NE Sandy Blvd. Within The City are well ordered, clean streets. Merchant shops. Fish Mongers. Trade good from around the Pacific Rim. Coffee Houses. Outside? Crazed nature loving mutants.+

  • The city state of Prossor reaches out to representatives from Richland in order to facilitate their breakaway from Yakima. -

  • Great Chief Kamaikin the Second leads the Yakima Nation Indians. He is known as the Great Shaman working closely with King Tobias Mercy to protect the sovereignty of the valley. \

  • The Soulless begin to join the Koos merchant marine with crude steamships, expanding the Pacific trade routes. +

  • The Soulless establish wards in cities around the Pacific: Koos, Emerald City, New Sacremento, Portland, Hawai'i, Astoria, La Paz. +

  • Events leading up to the Umpqua War. -

Legend – all events are from the perspective of the nation or culture in question:

+ Good

\ Neutral

- Bad