After the Rapture

A post-apocalyptic, steampunk, eldritch horror, western.


'Tis the Year of our Lord 205 AR, After Rapture as it is rekoned. Most aren't sure just how accurate that number is, but someone who emerged from the Chicago Death Zone said that he'd found an atomic clock there, and that was about what it said. So, that's good enough for most. But I'm skippin' ahead.

You see, the world ended about 200 years ago. The 4 horsemen mounted up and rode roughshod over the Earth. Fire, Famine, Pestilence, War, Rapine, you name it, it happened. The old world died with people stacked like cord-wood from the genophages, or flash vaporized by ManPatNukes. Terminator drones and molecular dissemblers and bio-electric EM pulses ruined the day for about 6 billion people. Give or take.

No one really remembers how it started. Frankly, no one really gives a damn now.

The old world died. And its its death midwifed something new. Beliefs matter again, being made manifest through Will and Faith. And that brings both the good and the bad. Especially the bad. Talk to some Eaters sometime and you'll see what bad is.

So saddle up. Grab your 6 shooter, or your AK. Or if you're really into it your favorite relic. Because there is evil in the world. And it stalks mankind.

You up for it?

The Rapture as told by Deacon Jebediah Pelfeld, from the podium of the Church of Rapture, Raleigh.
The old world died. It died in war, fire, pestilence and starvation. Evidence tells us that the Old World was a much nicer place, where the work of man made life easy. Billions lived in luxury and indolence as their whims were catered to by technology. Faith became an afterthought, sneered at by the well-to-do and the educated. Soon ever spiraling cost of indolence and leisure caused stresses of the system to fray. Pettiness warred with reactionaries and the ever expanding pool of dependent ignorant. Soon the contradictions erupted - traditional societies warred with the progressive societies, who were also riven with internal strife.

Author's Notes

To the reader; this setting is not supposed to be a realistic examination of the after effects of world war. It is a lark. The world explodes, the glaciers melt and the result is... Ancient tech artifacts, Magic, Heroes, Necromechanics and Steampunk? Utter nonsense. But hopefully, fun nonsense. 
The end result? The Rapture. Many good ascended to the heavens. Most were cast to the fire. Those of us who remain? The Test of life carries on. But now with obvious consequence - those who fall into error? Burn. The Righteous carry on, hoping to prove The Remnant worthy. Rejoice in the future for we carry on in His Holy Work. Amen.

The Rapture as told by Donald Crumble, first President of the Free Republic of Montana....
Was it the work of God or man? I’ll leave that to the Vicar to adjudicate. Regardless of whomever caused our predicament, the truth remains it is up to us to move forward against the horrors of the night. To cleave together to hope and prayer and to work against what fate demands.

You my friends, you! You are all that stands on that line between hope and deprivation. Survival and destruction.

We can survive what our ancestors and fate have wrought! But only if we decide to do so.


The Rapture, as told by Leslie Cheney, High Queen of Casper....
It was not the end, rather a beginning. A new Dawn! A Glorious new day where you, my children can be free from want. From Suffering. From Purposelessness. My beautiful children, this was a gift from God. Glory in your new freedom as we head toward the future in unity of purpose!

OOC: Source Materials

Basically this setting is a mish mash of post apocalyptic stories and sources like A Boy And His Dog and Mad Max, the Wasteland and Fallout series of games, mixed in with a a good strong dose of Victorian Era Steam Punk Pulp, with a solid helping of spaghetti western and finally a RIFTS book waved in its general direction for flavor.

In other words, the usual mess that is bouncing around in my head. 
The Rapture, as told by Edward Blacktail, High Chief of the Dakota.....
For 200 years the elders danced the Ghost Dance. Eventually! Eventually the reign of the accursed technology was brought low, and the servants of the Machine Gods were cast down. Never again shall we, the Children of this World be enslaved by the Demon Technology. Never again shall we allow the Demon Pollution. Gaia calls to us. And her call is for Vengeance.

Never forget the sins of the Old World.

Never forgive those who would return us to it!

The Rapture, as told by Anonymous....
Myths of the old world tell of Milk and Honey. It’s all bull. I don’ believe a word of it. Poppycock told to keep us in line. Life sucks, then ya die. Now get your shit in gear Scav, yer stinkin’ up the place.

The Rapture, as shouted by T’oxochipilan, High Priestess for Aztlan before the great sacrificial and a throng of worshipers altar among the jagged ruins of "Lost Angles"
Victory for La Raza! Purity for La Raza! Tenotichillian demands your obedience! Izpapaotil demands your love! Tlazolteotl demands your seed! Tezcatlipoca demands your service! Mictlancihuatl demands your life! Quetzalcoatl demands blood! Blood for the Blood God and La Raza!

The Rapture as told by K1ll3rzD34thM3T4L! of THE LEGION

Oh what a day! What a glorious day!