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This will be an ongoing attempt to place all of the various RPG's I've run under one 'roof'. Each Setting is available on the Navigation Bar to the Left. Enjoy, and feedback is always welcome.

Setting Synopsis

A near future sci-fi setting in which humanity has started to spread to the stars. Complications arise when the galactic community discovers the humans are doing things in... novel ways. For you see, out in the galaxy things have been static for a very long time, with the younger races being shown the ropes by the elder and being granted grav-lane technology to move around. And then here comes the pesky humans with their 'jump drives' ignoring the known rules and causing havoc...

The world ends. Civilization collapses. Wars, pestilence, most everyone died. Several hundred years later, the survivors have rebuilt civilization among the rubble - sadly, the fundamental rules of the world have.... changed, with the fantastical becoming the normal. Science and magic and who knows what else clashing for primacy on Earth.

What if magic were real? And it is the job of the government and secret societies to keep a lid on it, lest everything literally goes to some form of Eldritch hell? Well. That's your job. Please make certain to fill out the proper forms in triplicate when encountering a supernatural entity.

50,000 years of human civilization, and the ways of the ancients still walk among us. Men become demi-gods, Gods can die, and myths take shape among us all.

The East. A fantasy, Legend of the 5 Rings setting.