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January 2018 Papoose Article

posted Dec 11, 2017, 8:55 AM by Ian Oldridge

Ahoy and Happy New Year to all.  The LMYC had a great 2017 that included active racing, social events, a successful junior sailing program and new members. Our  2017 Awards Party was held on Dec. 10th at which time trophies were presented based on the following racing results for 2017:

  • Fall Racing Series – Lightnings

    • 1st Rich Miner

    • 2nd Brent Cherry

    • 3rd Joe Fleming

    • 4th Don Okner

  • Spring Racing  Series – Lightnings

    • 1st Rich Miner

    • 2nd Perry Anderson

    • 3rd Don Okner

    • 4th Brent Cherry

    • 5th Joe Fleming

  • Lightning Fleet Champion – Rich Miner

  • The Snipe Fleet did not sail enough races to qualify for their Annual series

  • Open Regattas

    • Gabor Cup – June

      • 1st Perry Anderson (Lightning)

      • 2nd Rich Miner (Lightning)

      • 3rd Joe Fleming (Lightning)

    • Marine Base – July

      • 1st Brent Cherry (Lightning)

      • 2nd Perry Anderson (Lightning)

      • 3rd(T) Joe Fleming (Lightning)

      • 3rd(T) Don Okner (Lightning)

    • Commodore Cup – September

      • 1st Rich Miner (Lightning)

      • 2nd Brent Cherry (Lightning)

      • 3rd Tim Mackey (Snipe)

We look forward to an even better 2018 and hope that any LMCC members who are interested in sailing will plan to join us.

You can visit us on the web at For more information, email us at, or write us in care of PO Box 29, Sparta, NJ.

Until next month, smooth sailing and God bless America!

                                                                                                                                                                 Don Okner