Jan 2017 Papoose Article

Post date: Dec 8, 2016 3:42:54 PM

Final racing results for the year 2016 were announced at our Annual Awards Dinner which was hosted by Rich and Gail Miner at their home, on December 10, 2016. The Lightnings were able to get in ten races in their Fall Series and a total of 22 races for their combined Spring and Fall Series. In the final results for the Fall Series, Rich Miner came in first. Brent Cherry and Joe Fleming were in a tight battle for second and third. However, on October 16th, the last day of sailing Brent and Joe split second and third place finishes, putting Brent in second place for the Fall Series, with Joe in third place.

For the overall Fleet Champion Series, which combined and scored the entire season as one series, Rich Miner repeated as Lightning Fleet Champion and Perry Anderson repeated as Runner-up. Joe Fleming finished in third place in the Champion Series and Brent Cherry finished the Championship Series in fourth place.

In the Snipe Class, which sails one Series for the entire sailing season, John Marx was once again the Snipe Fleet Champion. Constance Gill was Runner-up. Mike Kelly, Tim Mackey and Howard Gooblar also participated in the Snipe races.

Thanks go to Rich and Gail Miner for, once again, inviting our club members into their home and for everything else that they do for the LMYC. The Annual Awards Dinner was our last social event for the year. But, we will soon be planning and announcing our racing and social schedules for 2017.

If you are not yet a member of our club, whether you are an experienced sailor, a novice or if you are interested in social events, we offer it all! So why not join us? You can visit us on the web at www.lakemohawksailing.org. For more information, email us at lakemohawksailing@gmail.com, or write us care of PO Box 29, Sparta, NJ. Until next month, smooth sailing and God bless America!

Don Okner