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February 2018 Papoose Article

posted Jan 6, 2018, 10:30 AM by Ian Oldridge

As reported lase month,  our  2017 Awards Party was held on Dec. 10th at which time trophies were presented based on racing results for 2017.  However, that was not all.  Some of our members were recognized for their service to the LMYC. Commodore Perry Anderson reports the following:


The John Myers Memorial Trophy – in recognition of outstanding club service: We are a small club and we count on all to pitch in to make it work.  Therefore, to single out one or two people is difficult. We have selected Don and Madeleine Okner as the 2017 recipients.


Don Okner writes the monthly LMYC article for the Papoose. He is also our agent with the State of NJ for filing LMYC’s “not for profit” annual report. Normally it is a routine report which the Treasurer annually completes and submits.  Two years ago, the State of NJ instituted an on-line system with disastrous results. Data from the previous year was omitted, which made it look as though the prior year had not been filed.  Don was able to sort through all information and correct the current and prior year’s filing.


Madeleine Okner is responsible for stocking the Buoy Room with soda and paper products.  She also cleans the bathroom as needed (thankless tasks). This past year, she noticed that the table and benches were in need of paint, and painted them. Thank you to Don and Madeleine for your Outstanding Club Service.


The Edwin Syracuse Memorial Award -- In memory of Ed, a fellow sailor and friend, to all who knew him.  His life demonstrated true sportsmanship, displayed courage through the adversities he faced, and exemplified dedication and service to sailing. John Marx is the 2017 recipient. John was unable to race this past summer, yet he remained active and interested in racing. He served on the Board, prepared the race schedule, reminded skippers when they were to be race committee for the day, and served as race committee on multiple occasions. He also prepped the Club Snipes for the Junior Sailing Program and kept them in tune.


The Most Improved Skipper award for 2017 went to Brent Cherry. Brent unquestionably demonstrated his skill with a Lightning, taking second place in the Spring Series and fourth in the Fall Series.  He and his family have been great additions to the club. 


Our 2017 Crew of the Year recipient is Joe Fleming IV (pictured with Commodore Perry Anderson).  Joe is a friendly young man who faithfully and enthusiastically crews on his dad’s Lightning, Tabasco, a beautiful Lippencott boat with a lot of lines that Joe helps keep ship-shape. We need and welcome more young people like Joe in our club.


We now look forward to 2018 and hope that any LMCC members who are interested in sailing will plan to join us. You can visit us on the web at There are lots of great photos on the we site—thanks to Ian Oldridge.  

For more information, email us at, or write us in care of PO Box 29, Sparta, NJ. Until next month, smooth sailing and God bless America!

                                                                              Don Okner