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Feb 2017 Papoose Article

posted Jan 20, 2017, 11:27 AM by Ian Oldridge

The Lake Mohawk Yacht Club proudly claims title as the oldest, continuous organized activity on Lake Mohawk since its inception.  Although the LMYC was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1938, organized Snipe sailing on our lake goes back to 1933. On January 23, 1934 our Snipe Fleet was chartered as International Fleet #17 by the Snipe Class International Racing Association (SCIRA). We are now officially listed as Fleet #10 with SCIRA. This makes our Snipe Fleet one of the oldest chartered fleets in the world!


On April 10, 1935 six Snipe Fleet members organized the Lake Mohawk Yacht Club, and made a resolution to lease and eventually purchase land for the location of the club and for the construction of a dock at the facility.  Until 1938 the LMYC raced Snipes from June through September and held “novelty events” and “moonlight” or “evening” sailing with boats in tow and decorated with lanterns.

The 1936 New Jersey State Snipe Championship races were held on our lake and we continued to host this event into the 1990’s. The LMYC was also homeport for the 1938 World Champion Snipe skipper, Charles Gabor, in whose memory we still hold our annual Gabor Cup Regatta.

The Lightning class sailboat was designed by Sparkman & Stephens and first built in 1938.  The LMYC started its Lightning fleet that same year. We have continuously maintained the status as International Lightning Class Association (ILCA) Fleet #25 out of the hundreds of Lightning fleets, worldwide.

If you are not yet a member of our club, whether you are an experienced sailor, a novice or if you are simply interested in social events, we offer it all! So why not join us? You can visit us on the web at For more information, email us at, or write us care of PO Box 29, Sparta, NJ. Until next month, smooth sailing and God bless America!

                                                                                             Don Okner