Know your Bell Pepper

  • There are 26 types of pepper plants that fall within the sweet bell hybrids: green-red category. 

  • Most of the pepper fruit from this category are thick-walled though a few are medium to thick walled. 

  • The fruits range from 2 inch long to 12 inch long and can grow up to 2 inch wide. 

  • Pepper plants in this category produce large fruit that are resilient, even in cool conditions. 

  • These peppers can be used in salads, pickles and Mexican sauces like mole.

  • Bell Peppers, which can be red, yellow, green or orange, aren't hot peppers. 

  • Since this type of pepper has no heat, its Scoville Heat Index is zero. 

  • You can cook bell peppers in a variety of different ways, however don’t expect this type of pepper to add spice to your food.