Know your Peas

  • The name Pea applies to any of several species, comprising hundreds of varieties, of herbaceous annual plants belonging to the family Leguminosae (or Fabaceae, also known as the pea family or legume), grown virtually worldwide for their edible seeds. 
  • Pisum sativum is the common garden pea of the Western world, which Gregor Mendel used for his pioneering studies of heredity. 
  • While their origins have not been definitely determined, it is known that peas are one of the oldest cultivated crops. 
  • Some varieties, called sugar peas, snow peas, or mange-touts, have edible pods and are popular in East Asian cuisines.  

List of Pea Synonyms

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Almorta Grass Pea 
Asparagus bean Yard-long bean 
Atimbawini Cowpea 
Bengal gram Chickpea 
Black-eyed bean Black-eyed Pea 
Blue sweet pea Grass Pea 
Blue vetchling  Grass Pea 
Boeme Cowpea 
Boontjie pea Cowpea 
California Blackeye Black-eyed Pea 
Caupí Cowpea 
Ceci bean Chickpea 
ChawaLie Black-eyed Pea 
Chickling vetch Grass Pea 
Chinese long bean Yard-long bean 
Clack-eyed pea Cowpea 
Congo pea Pigeon Pea 
Couthern pea Cowpea 
Crowder pea Cowpea 
English pea Garden Pea 
Ethiopian cowpea African Cowpea 
Field pea Cowpea 
Frijol de vaca Cowpea 
Gandule Pigeon pea 
Garbanzo bean Chickpea 
Gungo pea Pigeon pea 
Imbumba Cowpea 
Indian Cowpea Catjang 
Indian pea Chickpea 
Indian vetch Grass Pea 
Isihlumaya Cowpea 
Jerusalem pea Catjang 
Lathyrus pea Grass Pea 
Lobia Black-eyed Pea 
Long-podded cowpea Yard-long bean 
Marble pea Catjang 
Marrowfat pea Garden Pea 
No-eye pea Pigeon pea 
Red Cowpea Catjang 
Snake bean Yard-long bean 
Split pea Garden Pea 
Toor dal Pigeon Pea 
Wasabi peas Marrowfat Pea 
Wild cowpea African Cowpea 
Showing 44 items